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I saw some people do this, & now I really wanna do it too. So here you are! :) 10 guys that I would kiss...<3
Rogue Cheney Anime - Fairy Tail
Hakuryuu Ren Anime - Magi
Haruka Nanase Anime - Free!
Shinya Hiragi Anime - Owari no Seraph
Byakuya Kuchiki Anime - Bleach
Yata Misaki Anime - K-Project
Joker Anime - Black Butler: Book of Circus
Tomoe Anime - Kamisama Hajimemashita
Yato Anime - Noragami
Urushihara Hanzo(Lucifer) Anime - The Devil is a Part-Timer ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Aaaand that's it! There's my picks. Although, this was pretty hard for me since there's a lot of anime guys that I would kiss. So narrowing it down to 10 took a little bit haha :P But I did it! :)