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The three videos were what inspired me to write this. Two of the videos of fan made and extremely awesome - coming from a person that doesn't usually like fanmade mv. You should check them out, credit to the rightful owners of the videos!! Credit to the owners of the pictures as well.
Hello, it has been a while since I've posted anything on here - especially a fanfiction. So, I made one up that took me a while to do and I am not finished with it. This fan fiction is really dark and may cause some mental breakdowns... I had some when I went through this. This is not the best write up I've done, I may revise it later on, but I will be added to it and making stories spread off from this one. I don't know how long I will make this story last, you'll just have to see and wait for the emotional ride.
** This Fanfic has cussing, violence, depression, dark tendencies, and abusive behavior verbal/physical.
Story: Taehyung X her/you/reader
Warning Viewer discretion is advised!!! 18++
Save Me
I stared out into the darkness of my room, my gaze became blurry as the clock ticked calmly by, counting down to my last breath. The blood was warm on my hands and the pain wasn’t there anymore. I smiled at the nothingness my life had become – I was told that my life had so much to promise me... that was a lie.
The man’s face, which had died at my hands just a few hours ago, flashed across my mind. His utter shock and silent scream radiated from his body… from his piercing eyes. I watched in horror and shock as his life left him. I never meant to hurt him. I never meant to kill him. I never meant to take his life away from his loved ones. I wasn’t even supposed to be there. How could I continue to live after killing him? His blood was literally on my hands.
When I had come home, there wasn’t enough water to wash it off.
I tried, I tried to get him off of me.
“I’m scared,” I whispered into the empty room even though I knew no one would answer me, “I wasn’t in the right frame of mind… I wasn’t in the right frame of mind… I wasn’t in the right frame of mind… I didn’t know… I didn’t know… I didn’t know… why me?... Why me?... Why…”
*Darkness came over me*
Her beautiful face was shining as she begged me to play with her in the park. She teased me lovingly and continued to bug me until I gave in and chased her through the trees and into the kids’ playground. Once we were past the jungle gym, I tackled my angel clumsily to the grass. She giggled at the redness in my cheeks from being embarrassed that I let her fall. She laid a sweet kiss on my cheek and sighed, looking into my eyes until I moved to lay down beside her, panting.
“Tae,” Her soft voice was so gentle that I could barely hear it. I loved how she made me want to hear her voice and listen to the singsong tone, “Don’t ever leave me behind.”
“Never,” I whispered back to her. She smiled and gave a soft giggle.
I jerked awake with her soft laugh echoing in my memory, “No!” I can’t leave, I promised her, I thought to myself, I can’t leave…
“Taehyung!” Joon yelled over the concert music, “Let’s go; come on! We don’t have time!”
“Alright, I’m coming!” I said fixing my ear piece as I jogged to the stage entrance. The seven of us stood in our places and waited for our individual signals to become the stars we were supposed to act like. My stage character wasn’t that hard… just be crazy with a tad bit of sexy and you got it.
“Please, give these hard-working young men your full attention and love... We have here tonight, BTS!” the crowd became deafening and in the next hour, I forgot who I truly was… it happened every time. My stage persona took over my body as though it was a reflex; a knee jerk reaction. Sometimes even after the stage was over and on my free time… I’d forget who to be… I’d forget who I truly was. They say a lot of artists go through an identity crisis but it seems like it’s only me in the band that has a hard time.
“Tae!” Her voice could always call me out of my personality malfunction. When I heard her, I knew who to be and who I truly was. After many of the stages, she would call me and talk about normal everyday things, not about my stage, or my character, but about us as friends, as lovers, as people should talk who were in a relationship. She’d tell me about things like I had been in her life since she was two – when really, I had met her only six months before our first come back this year. We had so much in common – “Tae, are you hearing me? When do you want to go see that movie?”
“Oh, sorry, honey, I have a full schedule this week and maybe next-”
She shut me up with a hard kiss, once we parted, she grabbed my face in her hands and said, “It’ll work out. Don’t worry, baby. It’ll be okay.” Her reassurance had always helped me, and it was like she was linked to my brain because she could always sense my inner feelings. I hated not being able to spend time with her, it seemed like the only link we had was our phones most of the time. She worked in the company but I was rarely ever in the building, we might as well have been on a long distance relationship.
The memory of her warm kiss made me gasp for air, “Stay awake, Kim Taehyung!” I yelled at myself. I was so ready to die but her eyes being sad, the thought of her crying and being destroyed at losing the last human she truly cared for… leaving her in another tragic way... I couldn’t die yet…
“Come on, Taehyung,” Jhope yelled, “Get it right this time! Get your head in the game!”
“This is the sixth time we are having to go back over this ONE PART!” Suga growled in the corner, “I want to sleep. Let’s get this done now.”
“Sorry guys,” I said and bowed to the aggravated guys.
“It’s alright, we’ll get it this time, keep your head in the practice room this time, okay?” Namjoon said with a reassuring nod toward me.
“Yeah,” I said. But once the music started, I’d already messed up again. The guys were way passed playing. Jhope turned to yell at me again but I just slammed the down open and left the practice room. I wasn’t in it today, if one more person yelled at me, I would become insane.
“God! I can’t believe you messed up the stage again, Tae!” Manager hyung yelled, “What the hell’s wrong with you?!”
“I’m sorry,” I whispered, “I didn’t mean-”
“Yeah, yeah, we all know,” Jin huffed, “Ya “didn’t mean to.” Do you even care about your future or our’s? Get your head in the game and out of space!”
“Yes, sir,”I said, and went to the corner trying to remember the lyrics again but it was like they disappeared. Poof! I found my notebook and searched for the right lyrics so I didn’t mess up the next time I was up for practice on stage. Our concert was in five hours.

Her: 3:50PM“Taehyung, I need to talk to you when you get a few minutes, okay?”

Tae: 7:21PM“Hey, sorry for the late reply, the guys have been on my case for a bit. What is it that you needed?”

Her: 7:23PM“I have to go back home for a little while, okay? I don’t know when I’ll be back.”

Tae: 7:23PM“Why do you need to go back?”

Tae: 7:27PM “Hello?”

Her: 7:35PM “It’s not something I can text. I’ll explain it to you later. Uhm… I’m fixing to get on the plane. I love you. Stay focused on your concert tonight!”

Tae: 7:37PM“What? Do I have time to go and say goodbye?”

Tae: 7:38PM“Hello?”

Tae: 9:00PM “Hey..”

Tae: 11:34PM “I love you.”

The next morning I got a phone call from the company. Our CEO wanted to have a talk with me about my future plans and my activities. When we met, I wasn’t in the room really, I was giving robotic information. I couldn’t handle being in the same room as he was and I wasn’t going to be. In my mind, I was wondering where she was and what she could be doing at the moment.
“So, Tae, am I a monkey?” the CEO asked a very simple question.
“Yes, sir,” I said numbly.
“Kim Taehyung!” CEO yelled, snapping me out of my mind, “Where the hell is your head! Where are you!? Do you want to continue your career? What is going on? You aren’t the person you were before when you first started. It’s like you don’t even care anymore!”
“Yes, sir, sorry sir.”
“Don’t give me that bullshit. Straight up answer me,” CEO said.
“I’m sorry sir, what was the question again?” I asked him putting my head in my hands.
CEO paused for a few minutes, watching me twitch under his intense gaze, “You’re out, Tae. You get a few weeks off. I’ll call you back in when I think you’ve had enough time to work through whatever shits going on. Fix it, or get out.”
“Yes, sir.” I bowed to him and left the office. The office workers staring at me as I left after hearing the man that never gets angry yell with pure hate at my attitude. I wasn’t even sure what he was yelling about.
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There is more to this but I have to type it out and post it on here. I'm not sure if this is really that interesting or if you all would even want to continue to read this, so, if this is more that 20 likes and at least five comments by August 21st, I'll post the next part soon after.
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