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Fifty-Forth Group: BP Rania (Black Pearl Regeneration Idols Of Asia); Previously Rania
Debuted: April 6th, 2011
Latest Comeback: November 4th, 2015
(Latest comeback click here.)
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Members: (7)
Name: Alexandra Reid
Stage Name: Alex
Born: N/A
Position: Leader, Rapper
She is from the United States and is the first full black person to be in a k-pop group!
Name: Hwang Yi Na
Stage Name: Yina
Born: 1987
Position: N/A
She was a former member under the name Saem, but has came back as a member again.
Name: Kang Ji Eun Stage Name: Jieun
Born: 1993
Position: N/A
Former member of group LPG.
Name: Kim Yu Min
Stage Name: Yumin
Born: 1994
Position: N/A
Name: Kim Ji Yu
Stage Name: Zi.U
Born: 1995
Position: Vocalist
Her stage name has changed from Seulgi to Zi.U.
Name: N/A
Stage Name: Ttabo
Born: 1995
Position: Rapper
She is Chinese.
Name: Kim Hye Me
Stage Name: Hyeme
Born: 1995
Position: Maknae, Vocalist

Former Members:

Members who left before 2015:

Chinese members:
Sarah (picture 1)
Yijo (picture 2)
Joy (picture 3)
Riko (picture 4)
Jooyi (picture 6) Is currently a soloist, as CosmicGirl!
Sharon (picture 7)

Members that left after Demonstrate:

Di (picture 1)
T-ae (picture 2)
Xia (picture 3)
I'm still pretty sad about the members leaving after Demonstrate, they were so good together! But I'm happy they came back!
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these girls are one of the sexiest groups of all time
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