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I really dug into this watching all 3 MVs over and over. I think Lucky One may be first(they broke out) and then Lotto is the next part in the story, they went crazy from being there but they discovered they have powers when they broke out. I think someone stole that girl, they knew her before (maybe she was from the ward and broke out... Maybe the people at party were going to send her where they were too?) and they all just made diversions. The guy was tied up if you look closely enough, the one that got in his car, the swat team comes and Chanyeol runs away with the girl but gets caught. Which leads to Monster where they all get captured and they are talking about being captured and they are having memories of the party they were at and it was all in white like the ward was(maybe the girl was from there?) and in the end Baekhyun shuts off all of the security cameras and saves them. But it could be backwards because they could be just thinking about causing havoc and the swat team got them after they ran away from the ward, thus Baekhyun saving them and they walk back to save her??? Confusion XD just my theory though. I also notice symbolism in that in the Monster video someone(I think it was Kai?) was on a Pile of security cameras and then a pile of the swat team. See that is where I think it shows that they did do something. In Lotto he is on a pile of money that is burning. The car Chanyeol was driving in Lotto was burning in Monster, I think this may be why I think that Lotto is before Monster. But that could also be symbolism on what is to come... Also in the end Chanyeol is holding a casette taoe and I think she took it from him? This is messing with my mind... It's creepin in really. They need one more MV maybe it would make more sense, it feels incomplete. Unless old MVs connect but I wouldn't think so because of the Era of EXO right now, feels more relavant(I will look back on that though, maybe call me baby?) Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed my theory rant, I would not be able to sleep without writing this >_! Tell me you theories as well, would love to here them as well! Tagging: @aaliyahnewbell
I think this is a great theory
@PrincessUnicorn Thanks! I know I just really want to know the whole story. It's so complicated but I like complicated things ^^. These are theories that just came to my mind. One of my first ones too :D!
Good theory'sπŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½
I agree with you. I think Lotto was a prologue to Monster.