So if you guys didn't know..YoonGi didn't just make up his stage name "Agust D'
out of nothing.
Backwards DT should technically be together as that is a former hiphop group he was
a part of when he lived in was called "D-Town"
and the rest of the letters spell "Suga"..
Making it D-Town's Suga <3
Pretty neat and great if you ask me <3
Hm...I never thought of it that way 😂😂 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
a year ago·Reply
what I want to know now is how he decided on suga, like is it actually because he was really pale or what??
a year ago·Reply
@StephaniePoore lol that's a good question
a year ago·Reply
Is pretty creative.
a year ago·Reply