Suga's "Agust D" Stage Name Meaning
So if you guys didn't know..YoonGi didn't just make up his stage name "Agust D'
out of nothing.
Backwards DT should technically be together as that is a former hiphop group he was
a part of when he lived in was called "D-Town"
and the rest of the letters spell "Suga"..
Making it D-Town's Suga <3
Pretty neat and great if you ask me <3
Hm...I never thought of it that way 😂😂 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
a year ago·Reply
what I want to know now is how he decided on suga, like is it actually because he was really pale or what??
a year ago·Reply
@StephaniePoore lol that's a good question
a year ago·Reply
Is pretty creative.
a year ago·Reply