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My favorite series that Crunchyroll does has once again super impressed me!!!! This time, their writer went to see the town where the ongoing series Love Live Sunshine!! takes place: Uchiura!!!!

Let's take look :)

(I'm leaving out the shots from Akihabara, just focusing on Uchiura, but you can see the rest here!)
Uranohoshi Girls’ High School in reality is called Nagaisaki Junior High School!
Next up is the inn that Chika's family lives in. It's actually a real inn!!! I'm sure LL fans will start flocking there soon, so if you want to go there you should book it in advance :P
This is the bus that they ride around in.
There's an island theme park a bit north of Uchiura, called Awashima Marine Park and that's where Kanan works!! You can only get there by boat, actually, and the building her dive shop is in is not actually a dive shop!
Even the dock area was recreated perfectly!

Overall, they just did so well!!

I love seeing how accurate things are to the real world, and this makes me want to go visit this town someday!!!!