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The fourth episode of the FFXV anime has been released!! Yay! And a preview of the XV movie was released, too!!

I really have loved this series!

I definitely feel like the game will be so enhanced by this whole series, as we get to know the crew before the game, and if you've seen the early gameplay, you'll understand what I mean when I say understanding these characters helps a lot with connecting with the games!
Plus, I love Noctis' supporting characters. Ignis seems like his mom. Gladio is like his older brother, and Prompto looks like his close friend or younger brother!

The Kingslaiver movie has also been released!

But I haven't got to see it yet ;____; Thankfully, the first 12 minutes of the movie are online so you can at least check that out XD

Since the game has been delayed to release on November 29, I'll just use these to get me through till I can play it!

I'm so excited! I remember the preview from, like, last year!
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Haha, same!😄
I'm really eager to watch the whole movie now. The graphics are AMAZING!
4th?!? i missed the 3rd!! lol ill hav 2 check it out wen i get home