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This is probably how you picture Professor McGonagall, right? Yep, that's how we all picture her! Alas, a cosplayer has decided to reimagine her, and well...I kind of dig it!
**Note that the photos below are a little...revealing lol**

Introducing: Professor McGonagall!!!

Her sassiness has become sauciness and it's just kind of fun to see this change, lol!!

And here's one more shot!

And the last one, my favorite...!!

Photographer & cosplayer info:
@nicocoup I have spent way too much time on the Internet you're right , I'm just glad I haven't done any permanent damage, or at least I hope it isn't.
@nicocoup Also before I forget, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHA lightweight, if you can't handle this, you're either a punk prepubescent kid or an old timer still surfing the Web with AOL CD's. On top of it drinking, boy if you only knew the dark corners of the Web I've stumbled on, and drank to forget
@RamonPizarro sounds like you live on the internet, but I'm sure being mentally scarred will help you in WW3. #trump2016
@Priscillasdoor If you look up pictures of Maggie Smith (the actress who played McGonagall ) from the fifties and sixties she was a stone cold fox, and probably could give the woman in the cosplaying photos a run for her money
@nicocoup Welcome to the Internet, where you run the risk of being mentally scarred by accidentally (or on purpose) clicking on something
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