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Summary: I'm young, with a full life ahead of me... And seven famed idols as roomates. And a baby.
Genre: Comedy, Friendship
Rating: 16+ (some language and adult themes
Alright folks, the time has come. The plot is beginning. lol. Okay, the plot is getting juicier. You might hate me for what happens eventually, but in a good way, so look forward to it.
“Is he dead?!”
“Oh my god, Taehyung I told you to brush your teeth before we left!”
“What should we do?!”
I was cackling somewhere in the background. The boys were panicked and frightened and were in such a state of shock, they didn’t even notice me—nor the BTS posters lining the walls on the entry way.
And yes, as predicted, my father had collapsed briefly after opening the door, and now, all seven of the members crowded around him as though they had witnessed a murder.
Maybe they didn’t see the recognition pass over the plump man’s face before his knees buckled. I sure as hell did, and I did feel a bit guilty about it, but I knew surprising him that way would be something he’d forgive me for.
I lightly pushed through the crowd, kneeling down to my dad’s level and supporting his neck. “Dad.” I shook him gently, his cheeks puffing out. I called for him again, and his eyes fluttered open. “Oh... Reina, you wouldn’t believe the dream I just—”
“Is he okay?”
My dad released an incredibly unmanly scream and wheeled back until he managed to gain footing and stagger to his feet. His palms went over his lips, eyes widened like Jimin’s butt cheeks, and he struggled to form words.
“B-B-B-B—” He looked between each member, scanning them thoroughly as they moved back to their standing positions and watched on in sheer surprise.
“B-B-B...” His arms suddenly flailed out like an exotic monkey hyped about a bunch of bananas. “BTS!”
I grinned widely, turning to gauge the reaction of the group. Simultaneous jaw droppings around, and I fell back to the ground with shameless laughter.
In the aftermath, when my dad finally calmed down—and the hyperventilating ceased— we all got along and I translated to the guys all my dad wanted to say. It was an interesting experience, and I could tell the boys were pleased they were introduced to a new kind of ARMY.
Before we departed, I had the boys sign some of my dad’s posters, in which he retaliated with consuming hugs and tears of absolute joy.
I trailed behind Bangtan as they waved happy goodbyes out the door, but my dad then called for me to wait up, a look on his face that was something similar to what he displayed the previous evening.
“Thank you so much for bringing them here.” I nodded, a knowing glint in my eye. Job well done, indeed. He continued. “But mainly... Thank you for coming out here yourself. I was selfish for contacting you just to meet them, but I realized something.”
He wrapped his thick arms around my frame, and my breath hitched. The hug was sentimental, a definite gesture of farewell. “I’m so grateful you came.” After a moment of hearing his soft voice become even softer, the world turned silent. “I could have gone without Bangtan being here, so long as I got to see my baby girl.”
No, I wasn’t crying. A piece of dust just floated into my eye, was all. Simple as that. Damn dust. I bit my lip, a tight grin that fought back against the forlorn feeling within me. I didn’t know what I wanted to say—probably something along the lines of “who the hell is your baby girl? I’m grooown”—but all I could do was wrap my arms around him. My words came out on their own accord, a truth that couldn’t even be remotely masked by my traditional tongue of sarcasm.
“I’ll miss you, dad.”
There was a person in the mirror. Her hair was a deep, wavy brown, reaching her mid back. The pajama pants that used to cling loosely had grown snug around her hips, her tight pants long since abandoned in the weeks. The shirt she wore to sleep wasn’t a tank top, but a baggy T, black to conceal the bra that had become far too unsupporting of her inflating breasts. Yes, inflating breasts.
I groaned out. It had only been three months, but the barfing did nothing to quench my consistent hunger. Of course, my abdomen was just then beginning to show, a small raised bump that would go without notice for anyone who wasn’t paying attention. But that didn’t stop my hips and boobs from rounding out. It felt weird having to conceal myself in loose clothing. I didn’t have any maternity clothes yet, though I figured it was too early on to start looking.
I could do with just pajamas!
But Bora—if you recall, long ago I mentioned that a certain friend of mine had requested I have a baby for them—decided it was time to check in on me, as well as getting me suitable clothing for the upcoming months.
I had changed, applied makeup, and tossed my hair into a sporty ponytail. Maybe it was good to get new clothes—there’s no denying the discomfort my weight gain caused me in my normal outfits. I heaved a heavy sigh, adjusting the waistline of my capris, and left my room for breakfast. The time was 10:43, which meant only two of the guys should have been awake. Jin, who was prepping breakfast, and Jungkook, who usually passed time watching TV. But when I stepped out, the eldest and youngest were nowhere to be found, as were the other boys.
And then I remembered they had a late practice the night before, coming in around 2 AM. I felt for them, sincerely, because I knew they were tired, and they’d have a very busy schedule coming up. I didn’t want to wake them, so instead of cooking anything, I quietly poured myself a bowl of cereal, a craving that hit out of the blue.
When I was turned, collecting a spoonful of the chocolate crisps, there were lazy footsteps behind me, and I didn’t even have to turn to know who was approaching.
“Why are you up so early?” I asked, eyeing him as he opened the door to the refrigerator, lacking charisma. He didn’t answer right away, just scanned the innards of the appliance before wordlessly closing it and settling in beside me. He reached for a bowl from the cupboard and I offered him the box of krispies and gallon of milk I just used.
“I don’t sleep that much.” I almost scoffed, but I knew he was joking. “I got hungry.”
“So you abandoned your favorite place to be just to come and share breakfast with me? My, what an honor.”
He lightly nudged me with his shoulder so he could reach for a spoon from the drawer I stood before. But... his elbow brushed against my left boob.
It was one of those awkward things that happens in girl and guy friendships. The kind where only the girl notices the contact and becomes embarrassed and wonders if the guy realizes what he’s done. And it wasn’t the first time I’d been grazed on the ass or boob or whatever unknowingly by a Bangtan boy, but it didn’t help I was overly sensitive with my uncontrollable pregnancy-related hormones. And so, I did the unthinkable, and sharply hissed.
It was then I could tell I had given away what happened, and he drew back immediately. I almost went for a face palm. But Yoongi wasn’t really the kind of guy to get embarrassed over something like that. We were chill, on a different level. He treated me as a guy friend, someone he—dear lord why was he blushing?
I gaped at the sight, his cheeks a hot red, something even he had probably never seen before.
I backed away, almost in complete shock, the awkwardness in the air so unlike us.
I shook my head at him, waving him off. A nervous laugh came from my throat. “Don’t worry. It was an accident. I forgive you.”
I didn’t know how much longer I could bear seeing out-of-character Yoongi, his tinted cheeks puffed from tiredness, his eyes avoiding all contact with mine... I grabbed my bowl and moved out of the kitchen, sitting on the couch.
Despite being in separate rooms—and I couldn’t put my finger on why—I could still feel the awkward in the air. It was so weird. Normally I’d be able to brush something like that off so easily, but the look on Yoongi’s face... he was never shy with me.
My phone went off, my concentration on a random spot on the wall shattered. It was Bora. She texted me to say she’d be at our meeting place in ten minutes, so I quickly finished up my cereal and returned to the kitchen, looking past Yoongi as I set the empty bowl in the sink and grabbed my purse to leave.
He didn’t look my way either, but I could still sEE HIM BLUSHING!
It was so concerning. Maybe I should have called him a doctor. Maybe he was just sick. I bid a quiet goodbye, squeezing the strap of my handbag around my shoulder. “Where are you going?”
I stopped, momentarily distraught by the tone of his voice. “Meeting with Bora at the mall. I’ll be back in a few hours.”
There, that should have done it. I carried on, out the kitchen, but lazy footsteps soon trailed after me. “You know, you shouldn’t go alone... it isn’t safe.” The concern in his voice was unfamiliar, and I turned, a reassuring smile on my face even if my brain was doing questionable backflips. “I’m taking my scooter. I’ll be fine.”
“I’ll go with you, just in case.”
“Yoongi, really. It’s ten minutes away.”
“Anything can happen in ten minutes.”
Why was he so insistent? I just shook my head again, padding down the hall, but the palm on my wrist stopped me for the last time, and I squealed. Almost as though when he realized what he’d done, he released his hand and backed away. “Uh—sorry... Yeah, never mind. See you later.”
I watched him turn sharply, disappearing around the corner. My mind was jumbled and my heart was racing. That was a little scary. Not the action, no. But that side of him… I never saw it before. He looked worried. And not the kind of worried friends have for each other when they separate at the club. No, definitely more like the look a husband gives his wife before she goes on a business trip. I gulped, lip twitching.
I had a feeling things were going to get a lot weirder between Min Yoongi and I.
Uh-oh, here comes some questionable character development!
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Just wait until that 2nd trimester when every little thing will turn her.on.
Mwahahahahah, it'll definitely be interesting @JaxomB
Yep, she'll definitely want some 'help' from one of those boys. (Yes, I have 2 kids, so I do know)