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Hey guys, here's chapter 22. I'm so sorry for the screw up I had on the last chapter. It looks like, for some reason, the full chapter didn't get published.I don't know if it was a mistake on my part or a glitch from Vingle. All I know is that when I randomly checked it after it had been posted all day, that it appeared to cut off in the middle of a sentence. I don't know if everyone saw that or just some people. So if it cut off in the middle while you were reading it, please go back and read it. If it was finished when you read it, then that's great.
Aside from this, I hope you all enjoy this next chapter.
Disclaimer: Many of the characters aside from BTS are made up. And, of course, I don't know BTS personally so their personalities are probably mostly fictional.
Character thoughts are in { } and words in English are bolded. Let me know if you would like to be tagged in future chapters. Please forgive me for any mistakes I make and I hope you enjoy!
Beginning: Chapter 1
Previous: Chapter 21
Word Count: 2321
Warning: May contain mild language.
Rose POV
Once the pain subsided enough, I asked Nina to take me home. We drove in complete silence. She had tried to make small talk with me in the hospital room, but after the tenth one-word answer, she finally gave up. Yes, I was a little mad at her, but I was mostly mad at myself. I had snapped at the boys. They hadn’t done anything wrong. I had been mad at Nina and had taken it out on them. I’d said something that I immediately regretted. But I couldn’t take it back. If I did, they might’ve seen a weakness. I didn’t think they would be like Angie, I was 99% certain of it. But the 1% possibility was poisoning me. I hadn’t thought Angie would’ve been like she was. How could I ever actually tell who was a good person and who was faking it... I really cared about those boys, but for some reason...I just couldn’t pull them closer. They were already too close.
When I said the things I said, I saw the hurt on their faces. I shouldn’t have been surprised when they snapped back. I shouldn’t’ve been...but I was. And it hurt. And yet, I still couldn’t say I was sorry. I hated myself. I hated how I was. I had had plenty of great friends before, and now I had Nina, Julie, and a small handful of people back home. But somehow, I had managed to let Angie completely ruin me for all possible friendships in the future. I wouldn’t blame them if they never talked to me again. Hoseok and Namjoon had already texted me, though I couldn’t bring myself to reply.
I knew I had done wrong, but that didn’t stop my chest from tightening or my throat from clenching every time I thought about apologizing. I didn’t have a problem with apologizing for most things, but I was afraid that if I apologized this time, they would try to get closer. They would try to find out why I acted like that. And the thought of them finding out...and treating me with kid’s gloves, pitying me...I hated that thought. We arrived back home and Nina silently helped me with my crutches. She helped me make my way up the stairs and to my bedroom. My knee was still weak so Nina helped get me changed into pajamas.
As I settled myself into bed, Nina came back with a bottle of water and a pain pill the doctor had given me. She set them down on the bedside table. I could’ve easily passed out at the hospital, but the thought of waking up in that stark, white room again freaked me out. I was done with hospitals if I could help it. Nina walked to the door.
I’m sorry.” I said, embarrassed. “For everything today—for ruining the park, for getting mad at you, for yelling at them. I’m sorry for shutting down again. I—I don’t know how you put up with me.” And I really didn’t. Any reasonable person should be able to recognize how screwed up I was and would be smart enough to get the hell outta Dodge. And yet, she always stuck around. And I was so grateful for it.
Nina turned to me, smiling. “Girl, you know I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ll always be there. I’m your friend.” She started to close the door. “And they are too.” And then the door was closed. I heard her footsteps fade down the hallway. {That bitch...she always gets the last word. And she’s always right…}
Narrator POV
Nina was eating breakfast when there was a knock on the front door. Confused, she set down her fork and walked to the door. She looked through the peep hole and sighed. Nina opened the door.
Hey guys. What brings you by so early?” Jungkook and Taehyung peeked around Namjoon.
“Noona is okay?” Taehyung asked, his eyes wide.
Umm... yeah, she’s fine. You guys aren’t busy today? I thought you’d have a schedule. Not that I mind you guys checking up on her, it’s just surprising that you’d actually stop by.”
We do have a schedule, but the young ones were worried. She didn’t answer any of our texts. I told them that she probably just needed some time, but they were worried that she was really mad at them.” Namjoon explained.
Aahhh. Actually, it’s neither. Ah, here, you guys can come in.” Once everyone was in the living room, Nina continued talking, Namjoon translating. “She’s actually been passed out pretty much the whole time since she got home last night.” Nina saw the surprised looks on Yoongi’s and Hoseok’s faces. {Did they know about her nightmares?} “You guys already know that she doesn’t sleep very much. Well, eventually it accumulates and she just shuts down. She knew it was going to happen soon so she’s been avoiding driving for the last few days. I guess the fun and stress from yesterday, along with the medication finally knocked her out. She’s not likely to wake up for a few hours. I could try to wake her up if you like, but it’s not likely to work. Once she’s out, she’s out, it’s practically a coma. She doesn’t get hungry, doesn’t dream, and doesn’t wake up until her body decides she’s made up for the last couple of weeks.”
“Ah, no, don’t wake her up. Can you message us when she gets up? Maybe we can stop by tonight?” Jin asked slowly.
Yeah, I can do that. I just need someone’s number.”
“Here.” Jin handed her his phone. The other boys started teasing him. “What?” Jin asked, his cheeks turning pink.
You can all have my number. Just ask Jin to send it to you. He was the first one to volunteer.” Nina countered them, her cheeks also pink. The other boys just looked at each other with knowing looks. Suddenly, there was a loud thump from upstairs. Everyone looked at the second floor and then to Nina.
I guess she’s awake,” she laughed.
“Is she okay?” Hoseok asked. “That sounded kind of...”
“She’s fine. Just, um, out of it. She’s always like that for about an hour after she wakes up. She’ll bump into any-and-everything. It’s like her mind hasn’t caught up to her body. You know how you feel when you accidentally take a long nap in the middle of the day and then you wake up?” The boys nodded. “That’s basically her when she wakes up from these, except it lasts a lot longer. Plus, she’s probably still under the influence of the pain meds I made her take so she might be even more loopy.” They looked up again when they heard loud thumping and what sounded like Rose tripping down the hallway. “Uh, give me a minute to fix her up. She probably looks a mess.” Nina ran upstairs and they heard her saying something in a slow and commanding voice.
About 15 minutes later, the girls appeared at the top of the stairs, Rose being supported by Nina.
“I’ll help!” Jungkook said as he jumped up and ran to them. He took Nina’s place in supporting Rose and helped her get down the stairs. Rose attempted to walk towards the kitchen, but Jungkook redirected her to the couch. Rose made a whining noise.
I’m hungry...” she whined softly as Jungkook sat her down on the couch.
I’ll get you something to eat. Just sit down for now,” Nina commanded. Rose murmured in acceptance. Jungkook had sat Rose down on the far right of the couch that was facing the TV and front door. Rose was sitting next Hoseok who was between her and Jin. Jungkook sat on the floor in front of them while Taehyung sat on the floor in front of Jimin and Namjoon on the other couch. Yoongi was sitting on the end closest to Rose.
Rose stared absently at the black screen of the TV before declaring, “There’s nothing on TV,” and attempted to lay against the arm of the couch. Her body was at an awkward angle because of the knee brace she was wearing. “Oh, you guys are here,” she stated, her voice showing exactly how out of it she was.
“Nice to see you too, noona.” Jimin was still a bit mad from the way Rose had talked to them yesterday. Rose looked at him and smiled.
“Nice to see you too!” Rose giggled.
“She sounds....high.” Taehyung laughed.
“Yah! What would you know?” Namjoon smacked him. Taehyung rubbed the back of his head where he had just received his punishment and Rose giggled again.
“Aigoo! So cute!” Rose said as she stood up on her good leg and attempted to pinch Taehyung’s cheeks. There were worried cries of ‘noona’ as she started to lose her balance. Namjoon and Yoongi tried to catch her from the front while Hoseok tried to pull her back. Nina rushed in just as Rose used her dead weight to wiggle to the ground.
Nina laughed and walked back to the kitchen. “Definitely the medication,” she muttered to herself. Rose, who was now sitting next to Yoongi’s legs, nuzzled her face into the area where Yoongi’s thigh, just above his knee, met the couch.
“Comfy,” she murmured. Yoongi sat statue-still and the boys started laughing. Rose laid her right arm across Yoongi’s thigh until her hand rested on Namjoon’s thigh. “Joonbug.” Namjoon blushed at the name.
“Joonbug?” The boys started asking teasingly.
They quieted down when Rose spoke again. “I’m sorry, guys...I’m sorry I’m such a bitch,” she said, her voice muffled by the couch. Yoongi felt a wetness on his leg where Rose’s face was. {She’s crying}. The boys were too surprised to be able to respond to her. “I thought you’d hate me and never talk to me again.” She sniffled. “I thought I’d lose you guys too.”
Taehyung pulled her away from Yoongi’s leg and into a tight hug. Rose hugged him back just as tightly. “We know you were in pain. And when people are hurt, they say things they don’t mean. We know that. It’s okay.” Taehyung helped her to stand up as the other boys stood up to hug her. Rose clutched onto each one as they hugged her. When it was Yoongi’s turn he heard her whisper “my dreamcatcher”. He thought she was talking about the necklace. In reality, though, she was talking about him. As she detached from Jin, Rose looked at the last one she hadn’t hugged yet. When Jimin just continued to look at her without moving, she dropped her arms. Her gaze went to the ground and she attempted to go back to her seat. She was pulled back by Jimin who turned her around to face him. He let go of her arms, set his hands on either side of her face, and proceeded to wipe away her remaining tears with his thumbs. Rose smiled and Jimin pulled her in for his hug.
“We couldn’t possibly think about leaving you,” he whispered in her ear. Rose let out a small laugh as she leaned into the hug. Even though later she wouldn’t remember everything that had happened, she’d remember the warm feeling of being in the boys’ arms, her heart speeding up when she was enveloped in Yoongi’s scent, and Jimin’s forgiving smile as he comforted her.
Nina finished making Rose’s breakfast and brought it to her. Nina brought in chairs for the other boys to sit on. She was able to figure out roughly what had happened while she was in the other room. She gave the boys a thankful smile, which they returned, while Rose focused on her food.
Hey Rosebud, where’d you get that necklace?” Nina asked after Rose set her finished plate on the coffee table. “I don’t think I’ve seen it before and I’ve worn, like, all of your jewelry.” Rose fingered the pendant that she still hadn’t taken off yet. Yoongi figured out the gist of what Nina said.
Someone gave it to me,” Rose said, smiling and laying against the armrest.
Care to elaborate?” Nina prompted.
Not really...” Rose drawled. She hummed in contentment as she nestled her face into the crook of her arm. Some of the guys were lost at the English conversation and some were just lost at the significance of the necklace.
“Hey, Namjoon,” Yoongi spoke up, “I think we need to leave soon or we’re gonna be late.” Namjoon checked his phone and stood up.
“Yeah, you’re right, we should probably leave.” {We could still easily make it, but I guess since you’re trying to hide the fact that you’re obviously the ‘someone’ who bought the necklace I can help you at least this much. But you can expect that I’ll be asking about it later}. The other boys stood up. Hugs were given and Rose was told to stay on the couch, that Nina would get the door behind them. As they put their shoes on, they pulled up their masks and put on their sunglasses.
Rose laid down on the couch, closing her eyes. Nina took the chance to talk softly to the boys. “She’s probably not gonna remember much of this so it’d be a good idea to text her later and thank her for ‘being so understanding’. And double-check that ‘since we’ve forgiven you, that everything will go back to normal’. That’ll basically ensure that she can’t avoid you. Just remember, don’t tell her you know anything and don’t mention my role in any of this, ok? I’m going to play dumb.” The boys stifled laughs and nodded their heads in agreement. They left and Nina shut the door behind them.
Rose, scoot back! You’re gonna fall off the couch!” Nina raced back to help Rose who was laying on the edge of the couch. “Now...about that necklace...”
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