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Part 3

I quickened my pace trying to lose whoever was following me. I took alley after alley trying to ditch him, but he was still right on my tail. With one wrong turn I found myself in a blocked alleyway. This was it... time to face whoever this was. I turned around and braced myself for some hideous being, but found the opposite. This guy had strong masculine features, his hair looked like it had been sunkissed. It was a shade of platinum blonde, which somehow, brought out the sharpness of his jawline. I stood in awe staring at him. For a dead person... he was kinda hot! "So... you're the girl JB is trying to help?" He asked while quickly moving towards me. He had moved so fast that in a blink of an eye he was standing a couple feet away from where I stood. I took a step back just to run into the wall that now blocking my only means of escape. "Who wants to know?" I questioned him back. The man moved closer and leaned forward resting one hand on the wall beside my head. "The name's Wang... Jackson Wang." He said with a sneaky smirk. I hadn't noticed when I first saw him, but when he got closer I noticed the red tint in his eyes. He let out a chuckle as he pushed himself off the wall and stood up straight. "Trust me sweetheart, you are going to want my help when you find out what happened to you."

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Oooh~ Evil Jackson?
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Awesome! lol
you are very good at writing! Keep up the good work, hwaiting💪
please tag me.