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Sooo I know I'm late. I'm sorry. Husband got home from a two week business trip and I am being mommy to a 2 week old rescue kitten. So I have been very busy. So I thought I'd do something special.
Thanks to @AimeeH I have come to love this group of silly guys. They make me smile and laugh. I know this is a Shin focus day but I stumbled across this video and to me it sums up all the things I love about Cross Gene well minus the obvious, the great music. They are so goofy. They love to play and be silly. They love and take care of each other. These babies have been through a lot and they still have their heads high and smiles on their faces. And they continue to bring us great music. And I just wanted to say thank you and I hope more and more people find and love Cross Gene. Now for the man you came here to see......
He kills me! I just love this goof ball. He is so silly. Well they all are but I enjoy his goofiness the most. But I have one request, PLEASE SOMEONE KEEP SHIN AND YONGSEOK SEPARATED!!!! Credit to owners