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You are beautiful no matter what they say.

When do you feel the most beautiful? Do you ever have one of those moments where you're just 100% feelin' yourself?

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Not often, but I cherish those moments
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Whenever someone compliments me, I'm like WHY DO YOU LIE.
never had one of those moments. 馃槢
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In the mornings I always think I look good. Then 3 hours later I'll go to the bathroom and look like a hot mess
Omg, this is the story of my life lol.
I've learned over time that in order to be an overall happy person, I gotta be happier with myself so I tell myself a compliment everyday :) Also feel 100% when I have a great outfit and makeup day!
What kind of compliments do you say to yourself?
I feel the most beautiful in my high heels and mini skirt..#hairylegsarehot