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I was out of town for a Doctors appointment and went to a mall while I was there. They had a store called Dream Land, and it was amazing!!! Its all anime stuff including shirts, figurings, life size sword replicas from video games and animes, and backpacks. Let's just say they have anything and everything that an otaku might need or want. I got some stuff from there. Including the Strawhats pirates flag, a Trafalgar Law backpack, and a highschool of the dead silk poster ( I don't have a picture of the poster because it was a present for a friend). This store was awesome!!!!
Why can't Anime Land be a thing? A theme park with anime themed rides, goft shops with REASONABLY PRICED merch people in character costumes walking around and special appearances from voice actors and mangakas
@MaddyScoop omg yes why can't they have that right it can be like a Disneyland for us that would be awesome something like Otaku land lol
@YessicaCardenas @MaddyScoop We should put it on kick starter or something like that
where is this place
Akatsuki cloak! *^*
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