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Wow that really nice thgh ❤😊
@saharjalpari9 i thought that people only kprean but my customer said that most of the younger generation speak english. i was pretty surprised, but really happy to hear that!
@stephiikins unnie thnx i thght english wasn' really recognized or that common in korea bcs its barely menioned in the entertainment field but its good 2 knw that ppl do speak english over thr i am happy 2 hear dat :) yeah i still wanna learn the language thgh i love it :) <3 and jaejong oppa said he will tutor himself in the line live chat lols even thgh he might not be serious thgh hearing dat from him made my day they r just soo cute sooo nice and soooo lovely really wanna meet them :) <3
actually, one of my customers adopted a little boy from Seoul and she said that all the people around our age sopke english and all signs and menus were also in korean and english as well. i still want to learn the language though... <3 @saharjalpari9
@stephiikins unnie and we have 2 learn korean bcs its no use speaking english over there :/
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