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One Love Story

It was a normal day in Torino. As usual, 6 months from her first day of work. Her child once again sneaking as she cooks breakfast. Haven: Mama, can we have eggs for breakfast? Sev: But we had eggs yesterday. Let's have bacon and rice. Haven: My friends think our breakfast is weird because we eat rice so early in the morning. Sev: Yeah, someone told me that once. Haven: See, we have to blend in, mama. Sev: No, we don't have to. We're Filipinos, we can decide what to eat. Haven: okay... (blows hair) After breakfast... Sev: Love, get ready. You'll be late for school. (Blow drying hair and putting on make up) Haven: But we still have an hour. Sev: Yes, but we will walk today and take the bus. The battery of the car is empty. Haven: Okay, mama. (speeds up) Give me 10 minutes. Sev: Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! On the streets... Haven: Mama, remember when you told me you had a friend in Italy 6 years ago. Sev: Yeah, why? Haven: Well, how is she? Sev: You mean "he" Haven: oh, is he your ex? Sev: Nah, just a chatmate. Haven: Oh, then tell him you're here. What does he do? Where does he live? What's his name? Sev: and why are we talking about him? Why are you interested? Haven: Well, aunt called yesterday. And she asked me if I already met "Love". And then she chuckled and laughed. Sev: oh, your aunt Con? Haven: Yeah. Who is he, mama? Sev: Someone who broke my heart, love. Let's not talk about him again. Mama already forgave him. That was years ago. Haven: oh, sorry, mama. okay... (hugs Sev) Sev: Look, for as long as we are together, I'm complete. Haven: I want you to be happy, mama. I don't want you to be alone in everything. On family day, card's day, valentines day (Sev interrupts) Sev: I'm not alone. I have you. *Haven smiles* Sev: Okay, we're here. Kiss me goodbye because I have to hurry for work. Haven: Okay, mama. *kiss* I love you. Take care. As she walks the streets, she remembers her last love. Was it even love? They haven't met yet. Sev thinking and arguing with herself: "aaah, it was not love. It was just a stupid joke." "but it was a year" "but we haven't met" "exactly, so it was nothing" "I did everything to keep him. There's nothing left to do but to let go. Yes, it was right to let him go and avoid him." "You mean he avoided you." "exactly... ah sev! get over it. that was 6 years ago. He's probably married. He's not for you" Enters office... Sev: Good morning, sir. Boss: Si. Almost late eh? Sev: yes, but not late. Saved by 5 minutes (smiles) Boss: your smile can't always save you, you know. Sev: For now, it does. Coffee, sir? Boss: yes, pls. By the way, I'm planning to hire some men for my new department. Sev: what department exaclty? Boss: Well, I was thinking to have another department for finance. Sev: Well, you're the boss. Boss: You help with the interviews.. okay? Sev: But I can't speak Italian. Boss: Let them speak English then. Sev: Are you sure about that? Boss: Yes. These are the list of universities qualified for this interview. Sev: Oh, top schools in Italy. Okay, sir. Boss: I already had this ad posted in our website. Expect some CVs within this week. Sev: Okay (thumbs up and smiles) After a week... Guilia: Sev, these are for you. Sev: Grazie. Sev: "Oh, CVs..... " *scans each one* "ah, handsome and smart... okay.. to the right* "looks nerdy, hmmm. Engineer. let's see." "oh no, not qualified. left." "hmmm.. with masterals. Qualified. hmm. impressive. Long beard.. you should cut this when we hire you. right." "ah, amazing. I think this is a sure hire." Sev: Guilia, please text these men here and tell them to come for an interview tomorrow. Guilia: Okay, what time? Sev: 9 am. Guilia: Copy. The next morning... Haven: Mama, can I sit here? Sev: No, love. Those are for the applicants. Here's some money. When they arrive later, go take a walk, invite Giorgia with you. Haven: Yehey! okay. Thank you mama. I'm gonna buy ice cream! *jumps excitedly* *calls Giorgia* Haven: Giorgia, mom gave me some money. Let's have ice cream. Giorgia: okay okay! I'll be right there. Haven: By the way, is that your car outside? Giorgia: Oh, can you see it? well, ofcourse. Our house is just right across the street! *laughs* no, that's not ours. Someone just parked it there. Applicant: Good morning. I'm here for the interview. Sev: Good morning. This way. Please have a seat. Applicant: Thanks. Sev thinking "man, he never thought of cutting his beard." Sev: This is your initial interview. Can you please tell me something about yourself. But first, introduce yourself. Applicant: I'm Diego Preite. *Sev shocked. Pale and looked closely* I'm an engineer. I took my degree from ...... Sev: Oh.... That's nice. Impressive. Diego: You look familiar, ma'am. Sev: Really? I get that a lot. *smiles* So why do you want to work for us? Diego: I heard that you're in need employees for your Finance department. The salary seems competitive too. I think your company is growing really fast. Sev: Well, it is. Our boss is really one smart man. So are you married? Diego: Not yet but I have a girlfriend of 3 years. We plan to marry if things go well. Sev: I see. Haven: Mama! Mama! Seven: Haven, mama is talking to someone. *Sev's trying to hide Haven's face* Haven: mama, what are you doing? Sev: You have sweat all over. Let's clean that up. Haven: Hi Mister. You have long beard. Diego: Oh yes. Do you like it? Haven: Not so. My name is Haven. Diego: Haven???? Sev??? is that you? Sev: ...... ahh... yeah.. Diego: you're here. Since when? Sev: Just six months ago Diego: *laughs* This is funny. We meet when we're not trying so hard to meet! Sev: ah. yeah. *sarcastic smile* well the interview is over. We'll just text you for your exams and final interview. Diego: thank you. I will tell Alessia you're here. Sev: How is she? Is she okay? Diego: Not so okay. She's taking her maintenance. Sev: Please tell her I said Hi. Diego: I will. So can I add you in facebook again? Sev: yes, silly. That was six years ago. *laughs* Diego: Haven's a big girl now. Do you still remember me? Haven: I can't. Diego: We used to skype when you were three. Haven: oh, I can't remember you. Are you "love"? *Seven interrupts* Sev: Haven, please change your clothes. You're full of sweat. Diego: *smiles* I really can't believe this. Sev: Yeah, well anyway, I still have to interview some applicants. The office will just update you. Diego: Okay, goodbye. *waves goodbye* After work, while walking. Sev thinking: "So that's how he looks like in person. Why do I feel this way. As if I'm back to being 27. Snap out of it. He was only 22 back then. And he has a girlfriend." Diego calling Alessia (speaking in Italian) Diego: Alessia, Sev is here in Torino. Alessia: who Sev? Diego: my first girlfriend! From Philippines! Alessia: oh? how? So how did you feel? Diego: Nothing. It just feels weird but I felt happy seeing them in person. Haven is big now. Alessia: Oh yeah. I remember Sev. She was so inlove with you. Remember that letter she sent to mom and dad? Diego: Yeah, and she bought me tickets and booked hotels. Alessia: Yeah, poor her. Is she already married? Diego: I didn't ask. Probably because she is already (counting fingers) 33. I'll add her on facebook. *on facebook* clicks "unblock". Diego: I unblock her after 6 years *smiling* Alessia: That was her request, not your choice. Diego: yeah, oh, she's still single. Alessia: Maybe someone will get jealous if you add her. Diego: Nah, Valentina is my gf of three years. I was only 22 when I met Sev. I love Val. Alessia: If you say so. I have to go. I have to sleep early. Diego: Okay, byebye A week after... At Diego's apartment. Diego reads a text message: "Please be informed that your exams will be tomorrow. 9 am. to be followed by your final interview" Diego calls Val. Diego: I will have exams tomorrow. I hope this is it. Val: You can do it. what time will you come here? Diego: Let's have dinner together. Val: Okay. see you later. At the office. Sev: Good morning, sir. Boss: Good morning. You seem odd today. Sev: yeah... it's nothing. I'm good. Boss: No. tell me. It's just the two of us here. Sev: Boss, I met my ex. I still feel that weird feeling. I don't want to feel this. Boss: your ex? Here in Turin? Sev: Yes, he's from Italy. It's a long story. Boss: How can you have an ex here. For six months, you hid him so well. Sev: No, he's from six years ago. Boss: I see. I still don't understand... but this is one advice I can give. Sev: yeah? Boss: Forget him. It's upto him if he will return to you. That shouldn't be your problem. Don't think about him anymore. It's useless. Sev: you're right. Boss: Does he have a girlfriend? Sev: Yes. Boss: Then you should really forget him. sev: Yeah. well, um,..can I excuse myself for 20 mins? Just need to buy something. Boss: yes, sure. Please buy some coffee and sugar for the conference room. Sev: yes, boss. Sev went to church. Slowly she walked inside. Lit a candle and began kneeling. "Oh Lord, I prayed to forget him. I did. Now he is here. Please take these feelings off me. Probably I just feel lonely. Please take him off me, my head and my heart. I can still feel the pain he caused me. Please Lord, help me get over this feeling and confusion. It has been 6 years, why does it feel so fresh? Please, if there is ever a man for me, send him already. i think this is the right time. Amen" Back at the office. Sev: Boss, I'm back. Here are the coffee and sugar (taking the groceries out of the bag) Boss: Hey, saw the CVs. Please prioritize Antonio Mori, Diego Preite, Andrea Gudicelli. Sev: Okay boss. Next morning... Sev: Good morning, applicants. You have 30 minutes before exams start. Here's some breakfast. I'll be back. *Sev leaves conference room* Antonio: She's cute. She looks like a child. Andrea: yes, also her height. *smiles* Diego: She's already 33. Antonio: Really? Doesn't seem like it. Andrea: How did you know? Diego: interview. Andrea: Oh. Guilia comes in to give the test papers. Diego thinking: "Where's Sev? Oh, there she is. That must be her boss. They're both smiling at each other. He must like her." Diego was hired as the head of the Finance department. Sev, at first found it awkward to be working with her ex, finally adjusted to the situation. A year has passed and they were able to develop a friendship that made them both comfortable. One day, Diego and their boss were having a meeting about how to allocate funds for their marketing and advertisements. *Phone reminder alarms* Boss: Oh sorry. This is mine. Diego: Oh, it's okay. Boss: what do you think is the best gift for valentines? Diego: Flowers and chocolates maybe. Boss: I want it to be different. She's not my gf yet. Diego: *Smiles* That's exciting, sir. Who is the lucky girl? Boss: okay. this is just between us. It's Sev. Diego: Oh. Sev.... hmmm.. letters, give her letters. And dinner for two. Boss: Oh that's a good idea! Thanks. Diego reminiscing/recalling: Sev: Love, wait. I'll turn off the lights. Baby! Happy monthsary. Can you read? A chocolate cake with a 2 lighted candles that says "Ti amo, amore." Sev: "Love, you're the best boyfriend in the world." Sev: "How can you do this? After everything I've done for you?" Sev: " I forgive you a thousand times. please don't give up on us" ....... Boss: Diego! Diego: sorry, sir! Just remembered something. Boss: it's okay. well, you can go now. ciao. Diego: ciao. Sev: Hey, Diego. Saw some fresh flowers outside. Kinda good price. You should buy some for Val. Diego: We're not together anymore. Sev: what? Since when? Diego: Just a month ago. Caught her cheating. Sev: I'm sorry to hear that. You'll get over it. You're still 29. Many women out there. Diego: Thanks...by the way, sorry for what I did in the past. Sev: That's nothing. I forgive you. Diego: Can we eat dinner together? Sev: I can't. Haven, my girl. Diego: Then let's have dinner. The three of us. Sev: Sure. I'll tell her. *at the restaurant* Haven: mama, can i roam around while food is not yet served? Sev: Sure. Don't walk too far. I want my eyes to still see you. Haven: Yes, mama. *Haven leaves* Diego: This is for you. (hands Sev a box with a ribbon) Sev: Oh.. *smiles* it's not my birthday... but thank you. what is this? *shakes the box* Diego: open it.*smiles* Sev opens the box. She started crying. Sev: You kept it? Everything? Diego: yes, I did. I couldn't throw your letters away. All of it are nice words and a memory I wanted to keep with me. Sev: Oh, the rosary... Diego: Yeah, it's still here. Sev: Thanks, Diego. Diego: I was young and immature. I thought our relationship was impossible. I felt discouraged and uninterested to continue it. But you loved me so much. I made you cry and beg. I'm sorry. Sev: I already forgave you. Our friendship is the best gift from God after being years apart. Diego: It is. You were right all along. Nothing is impossible with God. They both smiled... and looked at each others' eyes. *Food is served* Sev: Haven, love, *waves at Haven* And they ate dinner together... What once just an image in her head finally came true.
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Astrology is something that is been in practice since the ancient period. It is also the proven science where the life of the people will be impacted based on the motion of the planets and stars in their birth chart. When it comes to the love and marriage life of the people, the impact of the horoscope is undeniable. When you spend time and energy to know more about your life regarding the horoscope, you can come across some fun can exiting peek that is connected with your romantic life. Here is some information about the love horoscope for teens that have to be noted for the romantic love life. Teen love horoscope The teen love horoscope is quite similar to the general horoscope, but this focuses more on the love relationship and attachment to each other. When are reaching the thirteen, it is the teenage where you will have some emotional changes in your body. As per the astrology, it is the time where the moon starts influencing your overall behavior and creates a misbalance in your character. These changes will take you out of the family and make you attached to others and particularly the opposite sex people. Thus, you start falling in love with the person. In this stage, you will be out of your control and the complete importance will be towards the person whom you love. Sometimes the decision might be right to choose the person, but sometime this will give you the bitter experience. So, astrology will be the right solution as you can have an idea regarding how things will work out in the future. This prediction of the astrology will rarely go wrong. What will the love horoscope offer you? When you follow the Weekly Horoscope or love horoscope, it will give you the report of the traits and compatibility of a future partner. So, you will be able to find who the right one is as per your nature and character. Generally, most of the love in this age happens due to physical charm. However, this physical charm is not going to work for a longer time. Therefore, looking for the love horoscope before you enter into the love life will make you have a perfect relationship. Remember that love is as painful as you enjoy the fun and sweetness in the earlier stage. Both the partners in the relationship do not get a compromise in their lives, life goes into trouble. What happens when you ignore love horoscope? When you have enough God’s grace to choose the right partner, it is well and good. When you miss an even bit, it might affect the entire life. You might have come across so many breakups and divorce cases in regular life. One common reason behind all these is the ignorance towards the love compatibility. This compatibility in love is a great factor to ensure the traits and personality naturally. If you miss this compatibility among the partners, you need to struggle in your marriage life both physically and emotionally. These issues can be avoided when you have a look at the love horoscope. How to find the love matches? When you need to find the match between the partners through the love horoscope, the digital media is right here to help you. Just open the search engine and look for it. You can find the contact details of the professionals or there are also some websites and apps to make out the match. Enjoy the romantic life with the right match! Have you got an idea of how important is the love horoscope is for the perfect love relationship? It is now a high time to look for it and be your relationship.
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