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Warning: Story contains minor violence and suicidal thoughts/actions, as well as some language. Reader discretion is advised


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Disease: TaeHyung Suicide: YoonGi Age: Jin Murder: Hobi Natural Causes: Jimin Natural Disaster: JungKook Death: NamJoon
"Jin said you could stay in this room." NamJoon shoved the door open, reveling a small yet comfortable room. "Thank you." Your voice seemed hollow and lacking. "Sorry YoonGi couldn't be the one to bring you home, I know you wanted him here." "No, it's fine. He couldn't get out of work. Thank you so much for bringing me here but you should get going, you don't need to be late." Your fingers traced over the bookshelves before turning back to NamJoon. "Shit is it really that late?" He quickly pulled his phone out, checking the time. "Jin should be home in about an hour, make yourself comfortable." NamJoon smiled and took off for the front. He had a long drive back to his side of town, hopefully he'd make it in time for work. After the front door closed, the sound echoing in the large space, you moved about your room. It was small and cozy, something you could live with. The amount of shelves lining one walk had you eager to fill them with books, reading was such a lovely escape. Then there was the back wall. An entire wall of windows, facing in just a way to catch the evening sun perfectly and show every bit it could when rain would fall. Jin had picked this room just for you, it screamed a reader's paradise. The lack of privacy had you skittish, the wall faces another building just of to the side. Curtains for more private moments would be needed. With the evening sun beginning to encroach on the room, shadows began playing. Shadows you'd soon rather avoid. Turning light after light on, you explored the house. It was large, much larger than it appeared at first glance. Sporting more bedrooms than you found (six with many more unopened doors), you pushed for the kitchen. Jin's parents were loaded but they didn't stayed around and last you remembered they were living in Paris. What a lonely life, you thought. "I'm home." It was an echo rather than his voice but the broad shouldered older boy was home. "In the kitchen." You called back, eyes never leaving the massive pantry. Shelves and drawers lined the walls, it challenged the size of any walk-in closet. "Want me to cook something?" Jin was coming through the doorway when you dared to turn your head. "You've been working all day, I don't mind." "Last time I let you cook in my apartment, you nearly burned it down." You ducked away with embarrassment ",plus I'm quicker. YoonGi will be home soon and he'll be hungry." "YoonGi?" He lived in the same neighborhood that Tae used to live in. "He moved in after his place burned down. My parents don't mind and he keeps to himself, so it works out." Jin moved past you in the pantry. "His place burned down?" YoonGi's house had been a rundown little hole-in-wall place but it was your place too, you'd practically lived there. "About six or seven months after you were kidnapped, the whole place went up. Most of the guys live here now actually, except NamJoon. He still strives to be that independent tough guy." "He'll never change." The new voice had both of your heads turning. Hobi strolled in followed by Jimin, both collapsing into bar stools. "Wasn't expecting you both until later. How was your meeting?" Jin questioned, moving away from the pantry to lean on the island. "Meeting?" Last you remembered Jimin was working three jobs and Hobi was trying to take over a dance studio. "Twice a week, we meet at the hospital for therapy." Jimin offered an answer as you moved to the barstool next to him. "Suicide attempts." Hobi answered an unasked question, pointing between the two of them. Conversation halted after that. The boys going silent at the memories of your absent months, the moments none wanted to really relive.You didn't blame them, everyday more of your time with the kidnappers seemed to piece together and you didn't want to relive it either. Jin moved to making a quick dinner for every one and the other two made their way into the living room. JungKook came home at some point, moving through the rooms enough to offer a greeting before retreating to his space. YoonGi called, saying he'd be home late. He was having to cover another person's shift, a call-in. Working a double at the radio station was going to kill him, he'd be sleeping until his next shift. For all you knew he could have gotten a second job too, even less sleep for the already worn out boy. You slunk back to your room, lights blocking the outside world. You needed sleep, more drained than you had been since waking up. Being discharged from the hospital only to learn your parents couldn't be contacted. Coming home and learning that your home was gone and then that your friends tried to end it all. So much wears on a person. Flicking the light off, you fell into the bed. The now dark room as only lot by the faint moonlight outside. The city sounds barely reached you here, the sounds of those living in the house were quiet, all was peaceful. You snuggled into the pillow, soaking up the softness of it. But something didn't sit right. You stretched out slightly before raising your head. A scream caught in your throat as your eyes landed on the hooded figure crouching at the head of the bed. "Miss me buttercup?"
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Tae omg this is scaring me.
please be Tae or my heart can't take it