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I saw this on @nimm14 account and really wanted to do it so here I go...
my first pick would be Yato or more specifically Yato and Yukine cause you know Yato kinda needs him to fight....I just love there team work.
my second is Edward Elric, I love the passion he has in his fighting. and I mean who wouldn't want him on their team?
Of course I have to choose someone from my all time favorite anime...Yuu Kanda, I love his fighting style, I've always been obsessed with katanas so yeah...
SINBAD! okay I love Sinbad and his story also he is pretty badass, so of course I had to pick him...(he's also smoking hot, but you didn't hear it from me)
I picked Sinon cause you know you gotta have a sniper on your team of course, who's gonna watch your back?Snipers there always good to have on your team, especially when the snipers as good as Sinon.
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Nice choices, especially Kanda, I love him so much xD