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This is for @twistedpuppy you should never be bash nor hated. If someone doesn't like a type of kpop boy band then it's fine. No one has the right to play god and tell someone to end their life or be hated for a little thing. Twisted puppy has got me through my day with her vingle and made every person she tag us in her cards are happy. I do not want to see someone bash her nor tell her to die. IF I see it I'm calling you out and tell you what a piece of trash you are and how low you are for telling someone to die. I do not play nor do I like to see someone tell another person to die. I have lost a lot of friends to suicide and I'll be damned to see another friend gone from this world. YOU ARE WARNED!!! DO NOT FUCK WITH MY FRIENDS!!! AND NEVER EVER TELL A LIVING SOUL THAT THEIR LIFE IS NOT IMPORTANT!!! YOU WILL HAVE A SHIT STORM COMING YOUR WAY IF YOU DO IT AND IT'S A PROMISE. I WILL TELL YOU ABOUT YOURSELF AND I WILL BET YOU WILL NEVER LIKE ME!!!!!!!!
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I missed something somewhere.