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Chapter 4

Silent Treatment Kurim stared at Jung Kook with fists clenched and rage twinkling in her eyes. She was about the speak when Mrs Lee showed up back from her errands. "Kurimah, Jungkookssi, would you mind getting the rest of the supplies from the car? And make sure to lock the doors behind you." "Ne" they both replied. Kurim walked past Jungkook not giving him a chance to talk. Jungkook ran a hand through his hair and exhaled a sigh of relief. If it wasn't for Mrs Lee showing up, he knew he would've probably been slapped. Jungkook followed Kurim without saying anything. Right now, he needed to take a step back and heed forward very cautiously. That first day went by with awkward glares and stares. Jungkook wanted to clarify things with Kurim but he never got the chance. "Misunderstanding?" Kurim asked herself. She had been fuming all day. She was thankful the shop kept busy from the moment they opened so she didn't have to deal with Jungkook. The moment it was time to leave she had took her things and left without glancing back or giving Jungkook a chance to say good night.
Now back at home, she was tossing and turning in bed. She knew she wouldn't be able to sleep tonight. "Damn Jungkook!" She stood up and went to warm a glass of milk to see if that could help her with all the emotions that were running through her mind right now. She remembered seeing him enter the shop and how beautiful he looked. He was the same Jungkook she met four years ago but the baby traits in his face were gone. Puberty had made him more masculine and that body of his had developed so well. She sighed in frustration "stop thinking about his body Kurim" the microwave beeped making her look up and take her hands out of her hair. She hoped milk and honey would help her at least catch a snooze but she knew the butterflies of seeing Jungkook again tomorrow just weren't going away. She drank the milk in one big gulp and reluctantly went back to bed.
---The Next Morning--- Jungkook came in to the shop earlier than expected. He wasn't usually this punctual but last night had been hard for him. He hadn't been able to sleep so he thought he might as well get up and get going. "Well, aren't you a little earlier today? I think I made the right decision hiring you" Mrs Lee said smiling when Jungkook walked through the door. "Well, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't late, I didn't realized it was this early" he said awkwardly looking around. Mrs Lee must have noticed him looking because she said "Kurim is not here yet, she usually gets here five minutes before her scheduled time," and smiled mischievously. "Oh, she does?" "Ne. Were you guys able to mend your problems yesterday?" Jungkook laughed a little, Mrs Lee was a very perceptive woman, it seemed nothing could get past her "No, I'm afraid it's gonna take a little more work in my part." "I'm sure if you keep trying she'll forgive you for whatever thing you did, trust me, she's not the kind to hold grudges or stay mad for long." Yes, today he would apologize to Kurim. "I just hope she wants to listen," he thought.
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