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❧ Okay, so people receiving hate on Vingle more and more each week, is getting disheartening ♡

❧ When I joined Vingle last year, I decided that this was a place for Fans (all ages & fandoms) to come together and show love for these amazing artists. ❧ I usually keep my nose out of other people's businesses, but this is getting out of hand. So many people have been bullied for either a) Having opposing opinions, b) not liking some groups compared to others, c) or liking groups they do. . . Is this really a plausible reason for hurtful words or bullying?

Let me answer, No it is not.

Everyone is allowed to have differences of opinions. That's what life is about. You can actually learn from others that don't think like you. I'm sure my opinion about the best vocal, isn't the same as others.

❧ Am I wrong? No. Are they wrong? No.

Why, because we have different opinions. We agree to disagree. We learn, we have the same interests, different interests.

Like my College advisor would always tell people:

"When you find someone who thinks differently than you, know them. Learn from them. The passion you have about a subject, is the same for another. You can learn things from their perspective if you step out the box and allow others to be different from you. You will begin to see things differently when you go in with a different mindframe."
As Cross Gene Mod, I am speaking frank. Do not let me catch any bullying in the Community. (It hasn't yet, but it better stay that way). Don't even let me catch it in any other Community.

I will speak up.

Many people that know me, know I am kind and sweet. That is true until I see someone being treated like shit. We are all adults here. Let's act like it. What kind of example are we as Veterans setting for younger generations wanting to find a solace for loving KPop/Anime/ Jpop etc? We are showing them that being a keyboard warrior and treating people hatefully is "cool". It's not, it's actually an abundance of ignorance.

So for all of you getting hate, I'm so sorry. I will be here to help you combat hate with love of your biases ♡

For all of you tirelessly hating on people, please grow up and move on, That kind of attitude is not what Vingle is about.

Here's Some fun memes ♡ NOW let's be nicer to people, seriously.

Bitter is not a good look on someone.

This is the best made card addressing this subject. Its Blunt but nice 👌
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Thank you ♡♡
@AimeeH the sadness just deleted like 300 Memes 😂 but I will definitely try to keep a few pictures of my biases ^.^
ooohhh okii, thank you 💕 well I'll work on deleting things (thousands of kpop pictures) just to be able to update it 😂
Haha. Ok
agree with the above comment ^ I hope that we can all work together to stop the hate and make vingle a good and safe place. Also the Memes were hilarious 😂
Thank you ♡ Yes I hope so too! Something has to give ♡ Haha I figure those would be a nice ending!
@AimeeH Thank You for this Beautiful Card. 👏👏👏 I want Vingle to be a Safe place For Everyone.
it's not a problem love, I do too. That's why I'm always an inbox away for anyone! ♡ Noone deserves HATE ♡
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