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I don't think I've ever confessed my never-ending love for CL on Vingle...
but I LOVE...LOVE...with a capital ELO-V-E (see what I did there. ELO? ha.) me some CL.
She is my Beyoncé. If given the choice between CL & Beyoncé...there is no choice. It was CL the moment you said 'it's either CL or-'
Y'all....this video...I'm so in love. I was screaming at my screen & flailing around for the first minute & a half & after that I was just dry sobbing.
Omg, just watch it. & If you've already seen it, watch it again. omg.
I LOVE her. Oh my God.
But, let me chill. ok. ok.
What did y'all think of the video?
A few people from the Korean Club at my old university think CL's music is straight shit & I respect their opinion (even though it hurts.) But if you hated the video, it's cool. If you loved it as much as I did, let your feels out. 😭 If you're somewhere in between 'hated' & 'complete CLunatic,' that's totally fine too. lol.