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This was a CRAZY weekend

I have 5 vlog videos from KCON LA 2016! It was an amazing weekend overall even though my two friends and I had issues with the place we were staying but cant win it all! some highlights: Both concert nights were CRAZY awesome!! It was sooo cool how many fans would sing along and filled up the whole stadium!! I can really hear it in some of my videos too! All the artists were sooo amazing & I was jumping, singing, cheering & dancing like crazy both concert nights. I think I even especially crazy during BTS, Block B, Monsta X, Amber, Eric Nam & Turbo's song AGAIN. I could not even The convention was super fun & I got to meet a lot of YouTubers I really like! fan engagements were fun~ Got to hear a lot of Kim Jong Kook from Running Man speak English!! & at the concert he annouced that him, HaHa, & I THINK Gary? are going to have a concert in Las Vegas so Running Man fans!! Get Ready to go to Vegas if you can! I know I wont be able to make it there~... Getting to see Block B for the 3rd time... is life. The fan engagement was short but it was so cool being able to be close to them like that. I had trouble taking my eyes off B-Bomb lol JunCurryAhn (Jun Sung Ahn who does violin covers) remembered my choreography video to his song Found & I was lucky to get a group photo with him too~ I happened to be walking past a window when Astro was walking to the convention so I threw out some hearts and waves at them and they were waveing at us all through the window, theyre so cute ^^ I was sooo close to Monsta X when they walked through the convention & in vlog #5 you can see that I.M waves at me as im shouting his name lol. crazy~ BONUS: Sauche & I were at the airport Monday night & who do we see!? Freakin ZICO from Block B!! Guys you dont even know how close he was to us!! I was so shocked I just said his name when I realized it was him & he was like suprised as he looked at us and then kind of smiled at us as he kept walking. I must have airport luck or something since last year I got to see GOT7, SuJu, AOA, & sort of Kim Soo Hyun at the airport. but yeah we lucked out on concert seats too and was right in front of the end of the stage that came out the farthest so when artists started walking down that part if the stage they were walking right towards us haha! it was great~ It was a blast & it was crazy how many artists were there that Im totally a fan of!! Block B, BTS, Amber, Eric Nam, Turbo(Kim Jong Kook), Monsta X, Shinee & PLUS I really like songs by Twice, Astro, Dean, & Gfriend SO both concert nights were a total win for me!! Loved every second of all the performances! AND thanks to my awesome camera I got some SWEET pictures and videos from the concerts!!! I also did the Amber project I talked about which ending up turning out sooo well!! and Amber herself tweeted about it within the first hour I posted the video TT I admire Amber so much so I like died inside when I saw she tweeted about it~~~ <3 She was at the convention 3 times... but I never knew til after she left... BUT she and Eric happen to come out in the audience RIGHT next to our seats!!! It was crazy how close they were to us! Anyways KCON LA 2016 was freakim amazing & idk if so many artists I love will ever be in the lineup together like that again but KCON is about totally going to be a yearly trip for me from now on~ ^^ totally worth it all! Taglist: @Kpopandkimchi @ARMYstarlight @MichelleIbarra @Morganelisabeth @belencitagarcia @baileykayleen @jiyongleo @chelseajay @madandrea @stevieq @kpossible4250 @Vkookie47 @amobigbang @sarahdarwish @sugafree @tracylynnn @Bekikunstman @sharayahtodd @chaerica @prettieeEm @xergaB20 @ilennrocks @tigerlily84 @kpopgaby @keziahwright @creetheotaku @tayunnie @ashleykpop @sarahvandorn @mandynoona @drummergirl691 @katierussell @emilypeacock @sugaontop @thepinkprincess @jinsprincess86 @nell03 @moonchild03 @stephanieduong @aubriepope @hajelf @rainac3 @kchavens09 @saraortiz2002 @taetaebaozi @jojojordy2324 @agentleo @sosoaloraine23 @lexxcisco @emilygardner @lashonda0917 @kwellnitz @nancyvongvilay @annahizaragoza @anniechang1545 @ninjamidori @nenegrint14 @morleecorielus @mrsbangyongguk @edwey66 @amberg171997 @deefran @kyky97 @lolimbetter09 @lilmnm @veronicaartino @vipfreak2ne1 @christianliu @torchix @jungkookie1 @destinabyrd @emealia @jessAS @kellyoconner @itsmari @heidichiesa @cindystran @vixenvivi @aimeeh @kiki29 @roxy1903 @lizanightshade @saraortiz2002 @everiemisfit @LizaNightshade @brawner13 @vatcheeAfandi99 @zyxzj @taehyungv
awww wow you had so much fun!!! I'm happy for you 😄
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