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Who:Readerx Shin Hoseok (Wonho) What:Vampire AU, mature content, some gore Chapter 11 Special guest appearances made by: Jackson, Mark & Jaebum of Got7 Bangtan boys Story: The vampire world knows you as the Huntress and vampire hunters everywhere want you on their teams. You're not in the vampire hunting business for sport though you're here for revenge and only one thing can quench your thirst, Lim Changkyun's head on a platter.
Jackson's POV Jackson had just been getting everyone ready with Mark but he was worrying about Y/N in the back of his mind. He sensed something wasn't right so when Wonho called his worst fear came to life. He told Wonho to get over to them immediately. He sent Mark and the rest of his Hunters out to go to Jeju. They'd be there in a few hours. His wolves were already prepared, Namjoon was ready to go back and see the boys he was worried about them even though Jackson had ensured that they'd be fine with the pack that he sent them too. Namjoon decided to stay and help for Yoongi's sake but secretly Jackson believed he was worried about Y/N as well. Yoongi had sent the guys away so that they would be safe and with Jin watching them Jackson knew they'd be kept under control. Namjoon, Yoongi and Jackson were left waiting for Wonho to show up. They stayed at the holding cells because Kihyun and Hyungwon were still there. Wonho showed up with two other vampires by his side. Jackson looked at them suspiciously. "What's this?" He asked. "We came to help our brother's little treat. Seems she's pissed off our maker." Jooheon said. Jackson looked at Wonho, "I need to check on my brothers in the cells." Wonho said. Jackson looked to Namjoon, he didn't want to leave him with Jooheon but he also didn't want him going to the cells. The cells were a bit safer though because they were lined with silver. If he left Yoongi and him here, they both could easily be killed by the two in front of them. Namjoon just nodded and Wonho followed him into the building. Jackson looked at the two Vampires before him. Minhyuk he remembered. He liked playing around with Y/N, it made a little sense that he would want to help. Y/N never told him that Minhyuk was one of Changkyun's men though. How could she forget that little detail. They were on a time crunch anyway he couldn't bother with specifics. Namjoon and Wonho came back with Kihyun and Hyungown, both had blood on their lips. They must've drank from the bottles Wonho brought. "So you guys are on our side now?" Yoongi asked. "Only if we actually kill Changkyun." Hyungown said. "Yeah nothing's worse than being seen as a traitor in his eyes. He wouldn't kill us he'd kill the people we care about. I really don't feel like losing my playmates." Minhyuk said all kinds of cheeky. "Alright let's go I'll explain the rest of the plan on the way." Jackson said. They all nodded and head for the large van by the road. The guys piled in and Jackson began to talk about the other half of the plan Y/N had come up with. It was like her to come up with different parts to a plan and reveal them at certain points in time. Jackson was told about this part of the plan just before she left for the Vampire convention. They were headed to Jeju island where Minhyuk and Jooheon confirmed Changkyun had gone and that he also had a large amount of Vampire troops come out with him. The wolves would work with the Hunters and they were given orders to kill Vampires on sight. Obviously the ones in the car would be safe or at least he would make sure Mark gave the order to keep them safe. They needed to get the attention of the Vampires first, the original part of the idea was make a path to get into the building and kill Changkyun and Shownu, who was their biggest threat next to Changkyun. Since Y/N was taken by them the new plan was to clear a path and go in the mansion heavily armed and save Y/N. This was their only chance to kill Changkyun they'd need to work together in order to take him out. Wonho groaned again in pain and Jackson looked to the side to see him. Yoongi asked, "Is that from Y/N?" "Yeah, he must be torturing her she's in a lot of pain. It stopped for a little while." He answered. "He must've just woken her up so he could start again. He did the same thing to Yugyeom. He tortured him until he passed out and then fed him blood in order to keep him alive. He fed him just enough to heal some of his major wounds then went right back to torturing him." Hyungwon said. "I don't understand why he'd torture her, he loves her. Does her really think this is the way to her heart?" Wonho said still gripping his chest. "He came back to us two hundred years ago much different than he was when he left. Changkyun loved her and the version of him that was married to her is probably still somewhere inside him but he spent the past two hundred years lurking in darkness lashing out for the mistake he made in the first place. He's not the same. It doesn't help that you've claimed her either. As long as she belongs to you, she doesn't belong to him and if she loves you that'll just drive him more insane. He wants to punish her for not loving him, for choosing you. He doesn't want to own what he did." Kihyun explained. So Y/N was being tortured because that bastard couldn't admit he was in the wrong. Jackson gripped the steering wheel tighter till his knuckles ran pure white. A growl issuing from the back of his throat. He wanted to rip Changkyun's throat out. He could only imagine how Wonho was feeling. Actually being connected enough to her that he could feel her pain. That must be hell to feel the one you love going back and forth between life and death. They caught a helicopter instead of a boat to come in. Even though the helicopter was louder, the boat would have them in front view of the Vampires that were guarding it. The Hunters took a different route and a much bigger boat, coming up on the side where Jackson's pack was. Since they had missed the ride the helicopter was the next best thing. They all came out, meeting up with Mark and Jackson filled him in. Minhyuk and Jooheon would stay with the Hunters to fight. Wonho was going to lead them through the mansion, Yoongi wanted to come along he was still looking for revenge as well. Hyungwon and Kihyun wanted to keep from being seen so they were covered up and masked their scent like the Hunters. They would aid with the squad clearing a path for Wonho, Yoongi, and Jackson. The evening had come quickly, they knew the vampires wouldn't come out of the mansion during the day and Y/N had said they needed to be flooded out. Everything was set and Mark gave the call for the first wave to start. The first squad which was a large amount of Hunters with archery weapons like arrows and cross bows rained down on the Vampires hanging outside the guarded gate. A few of them getting hit by the arrows right in the chest killing them instantly. The others maneuvered through the arrows getting hit in the arms or legs but still very much alive and capable of fighting. The second wave was introduced when more Vampires started to come out from behind the walls. It was far more than anyone there expected. "Shit." Jackson said. He used the walkie talkie to signal for the wolves to move out. Jackson looked on as the Hunters and giant wolves ran towards the Vampires guarding the mansion gates. The Vampires moved in as well and the sound of war cries were heard across the large grassy area of the island. Jackson looked to Wonho whose fists were clenched. He turned to Mark, "Are you ready?" he asked. "Let's end this." Mark nodded. He nodded and gave him a hug, "Be careful man." Mark said. "You too." Jackson said. Mark called for the third wave of Hunters to come out and they ran out with Jackson, Hyungwon, Kihyun, Yoongi and Wonho. As far as Jackson knew, Namjoon and the others were helping fight as well. Namjoon and them had made the decision to help fight and Yoongi was unaware of it. Minhyuk and Jooheon had disappeared and fought with the Hunters quickly moving about while a disguised Kihyun and Hyungwon fought along side Jackson and the others. They were making their way through a crowd of dead. Yoongi had maned up a bit more taking into account that his life was in danger he'd killed a few Vampires that came after them. He had Y/N's guns with him, he had gotten better with his aim. Y/N was a pretty good teacher. Jackson had shifted and was swatting the vampires around like they were pesky flies that just needed to die. Two Vampires jumped on top of him sinking their nails into his skin causing him to howl. Wonho had thrown an icicle at one of them that Jackson had no idea where it spawned from and Kihyun grabbed the other one sticking his hand into his chest and ripping out his heart. A short sword, wielded by Hyungwon, quickly severed the Vampires neck from his body sealing the deal that he was officially dead. They were getting closer to the entrance when a silver bomb landed in front of them. Jackson quickly jumped on top of Wonho and Yoongi to guard them from the bomb's spray. Kihyun and Hyungwon were forced to retreat backwards. Jackson heard a slight hiss from Wonho, he must've slightly gotten hit by the sliver. Jackson transformed back into his human form when Mark showed up by their side. "Get moving you guys." he said. Jackson and Wonho could both smell it, her blood was in the air she had lost a lot of it. These Vampires were in a frenzy for a reason and not just because of their attack because of her blood.. The Hunters were doing good for now and they had the upper hand. Jackson, Wonho, Yoongi and Mark made their way into the mansion still fighting off on coming forces. Changkyun was not running short on men. Y/N's POV You had woken back up by midday, the smell of fresh blood by your nose. Changkyun was waving a girl's open bloody wrist in front of your face. Figures it wouldn't be that easy to deal with torture. If your body was already aching then you'd just get numb to it all. He didn't want you numb he wanted you to feel it. So he'd heal you up to get you nice and ready for the torture again. You could hear footsteps of Vampires on guard from behind the door. Changkyun had only slightly opened his window to let the sunlight in. The smell of the girls blood made you want to drink but you fought back your animal side. Changkyun wasn't having that. He pressed her wrist up closer to you, "Drink baby you know you're hungry." he cooed. The scared look on her face made your stomach twist. You shook your head but he only laughed. Your blood was dripping everywhere: gashes, bruises, ripped flesh and burn marks from being repeatedly branded covered you. You were breathing heavy and aching everywhere. You would've loved to heal yourself but you would kill her, he'd let you kill her. Her blood would send you into a frenzy, the faces of the people you killed over the years because of your predatory instincts flashed in your mind. Changkyun's hand slowly slid up your bloodied thigh. "You're so weak Jagi. I don't want you dying." he said. "No you just wanna hear me scream in pain." you hissed at him annoyed. "Jagiya you know I love you and you know I don't want to hurt you but you've been trying to kill me and you've kidnapped my sons. Don't you think you should be punished?" "You killed my entire family you fucker! By that logic, I'm entitled to do what I did." "Watch your mouth beautiful, I'm a King. I don't get punished. Now drink." he said in a growl. He shoved her wrist in your face. You could feel your eyes turning purple. Your fangs were trying to pop out. Your jaw clenched trying to ignore the coil in your stomach. She smelled delicious, Changkyun didn't like you resisting. "If you don't drink from her I'll kill her." he said. That made you twitch, either way she'd die, if he didn't pull her back from you, you'd loose yourself and drink her dry. Even with your body healed and strength restored the chair was special, you wouldn't be strong enough to break it. Changkyun shrugged and pulled her back so he could kill her and she started to cry scared for her life. Her mouth had been taped shut but you could hear her muffled sobs. "Fucking stop! I'll drink just fucking stop!" you yelled hoarse. He smiled and brought her wrist to your mouth again. This was the reason you shut off your emotions, they betrayed you and made you weak. Being with Hoseok had turned them back on and you now started to give a shit about others. You grabbed the arms of the chair. You looked up at the poor girl's face, she looked scared and was still crying. You let your fangs out and she looked even .more frightened. "I'm sorry." you said to her. You bit down on her wrist hard, lapping up the blood that popped up.. You heard her crying and tried to focus on those sobs to keep you sane as you sucked away. You bit her harder unable to control the animal like nature rising in you. Thankfully Changkyun pulled her away leaving you panting and wanting more. Your eyes were probably glowing revealing a desire you didn't want to exist but seeing the girls face snapped you out of your drunkenness. You pulled your fangs back feeling like shit. He pushed her towards the door after freeing her mouth and the other hand he was holding so she couldn't fight back. He told her to get out and she didn't hesitate at that offer. It was getting late you could tell. Your wounds had healed up quickly while you were drinking. Changkyun looked from the door to you, "Now tell me where they are." he said. "Do you even give a damn about them Changkyun? You've consistently tortured Hoseok. Minhyuk you've left alone. Hyungwon and Jooheon you've snapped at. You've threatened to kill Kihyun on more than one occasion. The only one you have a soft spot for is Shownu." He looked at you with a smile, "What?" you snapped. "You're really sexy with blood all over your lips like that. I would've loved being married to the animal in you." "I hate you." you shook your head annoyed. "You love me Y/N just like I love you." "Your love is deadly as Fuck. I should've listened to my father when he told me to stay away from you." "It's for that exact reason he's a pile of fucking ash now. Anyone that tries to take you away from me will die. When Wonho comes for you, I'll make you watch as I take his life. What he did was unforgivable, he's already betrayed me. Once he's dead I'll lock you up safe and sound until you come to your senses." Changkyun said leaning down to you. "Good thing I gave the order for my men to kill Hyungwon and Kihyun then. I'm sure their deaths were quick and painless though." you lied to get a rise out of him. In hindsight it probably wasn't the best decison. His eyes turning yellow as he stabbed you twice without hesitation. You gripped the chair cursing out loud. You laughed at him and he slapped you. "You're easy to piss off Changkyun I was only kidding. Kihyun is still alive." He cut you across your abdomen, you laughed at him again after the pain subsided. "Why are you making me do this to you Y/N? I would've been good to you. You should've just come to me I would've made up for what I did. I would've treated you like a queen but you insist on fucking with me." he said pissed off. "Aren't you having fun though Changkyun? You get to see me cry and scream in pain and bleed. I look appetizing to you don't I. You could've just taken me, you should've just taken me. I bet that would really Fuck with Hoseok, fucking me in front of him. That's the kind of messed up shit that gets you off right? I can handle this side of you now since I'm a half life. You can be as rough as you want but understand something Jagi; you could lock me up for a century and I promise you never once will I beg for you. I'd take a thousand years in darkness before I come back to you." "We'll see about that." he said though a growl. He stuck you with the branding stick again. His patience was wearing thin. You endured this a little longer though. Jackson was almost here. Changkyun tortured you, breaking bones, cutting you, stabbing you all the while reminding you he loved you. He wanted to be good to you. You continued to bounce around the idea that you had Hyungwon and Kihyun killed which only further annoyed him. A sudden rush of feet in the building prompted Changkyun to stop his assault on you. He'd recently had you drink again to heal you but he'd already branded you again this time leaving the brand on you longer than the last time. He went to the door to find out what was going on. One of the Vampires said the mansion was being stormed by Hunters and wolves. Changkyun cursed and you chuckled. "So I still somehow fell into your little trap." He said pissed. "I guess Wonho actually does love me." you said pissing him off again.. He pushed the brand further into you locking you to the chair. The sound of multiple flash bombs and your favorite silver bombs were mixed in with the sounds of wolf howls and screaming enemies. You looked at Changkyun who was looking outside his window. You were exhausted from all this torture. "Changkyun." you called to him. "What is it Jagi?" he said looking back at you. "I did love you, you know that right." "Yes." "I was human then, much different from who I am now. I'm giving you this chance now. Kill me. If you don't I won't stop until I've taken you out." you said. "I can't kill you Jagi. I love you too much." "Your love is toxic and in the end one of us will end up dead." "I'm already dead baby, you gave me life. You pissed me off so much just now but I still love you. That's why no one else can have you. Claimed or not you're mine." Jackson's POV Yoongi and Mark got separated from Wonho and Jackson. Yoongi knew how to sniff them out though, he knew they were following Y/N's scent. He'd find them. Wonho and Jackson fought their way deep into the building. He could smell more of her blood. Both of them traced her scent. Most of the Vampires had headed out of the mansion which slightly worried Jackson. Changkyun had an enormous amount of men. It seemed like they just kept coming. "She's upstairs." Wonho said looking up. "Hoseok!" a voice screamed at Wonho. They turned to it, Shownu was standing there eyes glowing blue in rage. Wonho looked to Jackson and said, "Go get Y/N make sure she's alright." "Make sure you survive, she'll kick my ass if you die." he said. Wonho chuckled, "No promises, tell her I love her." he said staring down Shownu. Jackson nodded and shifted into his wolf. His nose was more powerful that way. He followed the strong scent of her blood until he came to a door guarded by three Vampires. He lunged at them, the Vampires were able to jump out of the way and avoid his jaws but not the paw that swung one of them into the opposite wall. Jackson growled he could smell so much of her blood, was she even still alive? The Vampire in front of him hissed and pulled out a gun. Jackson heeled for a second. The Vampire chuckling that he had gotten scared of a small gun. Little did he know he was preparing himself. Jackson lunged at him again and the Vampire rapidly shot at him but Jackson quickly reverted to his human form making his aim seem wildly off point. He caught the hand that had the gun twisting it around his back and taking the gun from him in just enough time to shoot the Vampire beside him and the other Vampire that had peeled himself out of the hole in the wall. Jackson snapped the neck of the Vampire in his grasp. He broke off the wood from the picture frame and quickly stabbed all three in the heart turning them to a pile of ash. Jackson hurried into the room to see Y/N's unconscious body strapped to a chair. He looked around in caution then hurried to her. He slapped her face lightly getting her to wake up.. "Come on Y/N you're too badass to go out this way, wake up." he said. Her eyes began to twitch and she opened them slowly. "Damn it he knocked me out." she groaned. Jackson pulled out the branding stick lodged into her stomach and started working at the chairs binds on her. They were hard to get off. "What the fuck was he doing to you?" he said disgusted. Noting that her dress had been pulled down to her waist revealing her top half in nothing but her black laced bra. She chuckled weakly, her blood was covering her. She had cuts and gashes over her arms and stomach. "I guess he didn't want to ruin my pretty dress." she laughed lightly. "I can always count on you to have a sense of humor when shit hits the fan." "It's a part of my charm you love it." she said groggy. "Okay beautiful I'm going to have to shift I can't get these binds out with my strength alone but my claws should cut them." he said. She nodded and he quickly shifted and his paws slashed at her binds cutting through them. He bent his head down and she wrapped her arms around his neck and he lifted up to help her stand. She groaned in pain as she stood up. "I forgot the Huntress had a little pet, it looks like Shownu is dealing with your boyfriend Jagi." A voice came from behind them. Jackson was flung into the wall out of no where. Changkyun may have been small but he was strong. A thousand years had made him this powerful. Jackson winced in pain still in his wolf form. He saw Y/n being raised in the air by her neck by Changkyun. She kicked him in the crotch (classic Y/N) and he dropped her. She coughed as she got up slowly. The cuts in her stomach obviously causing her pain. She moved back limping a little and pulling up her dress. Changkyun stood up with glowing eyes, hers matched his. Jackson stood by her growling at Changkyun. Changkyun huffed, "I love you Y/N and I told you I'll kill any one that tries to take you from me." he growled. Jackson jumped forward as Changkyun headed for him.......
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