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I have too many story ideas stuck in my head *headaches* I hope this one sounds okay... let me know whatcha think :)

Chapter One

August 24th… this date had been written in my planner, circled on my calendar, and put as a reminder in my phone. Today was the big day, I had all the colors picked out, flower arrangements had been delivered, catering had been taken care of, and the cake was designed to perfection. I had been in hair and makeup for over 3 hours, but now it was finally time. The music started, that was my cue. I started walking down the aisle towards my best friend, Jinyoung. He looked perfect, he always had. My eyes sparkled as they met his, this guy had almost been my first everything. He was my first love, my first kiss, and he was also the first person I gave myself to. This had been my dream; this wedding and him standing at the end of the aisle watching me make my way towards him.

But that's what this was, a dream.

Because even though he had his eyes on me as I walked down the aisle, he was waiting for someone else to appear. This wedding, my planning, they had all been for someone else. My step sister Hana was living my dream. As much as I wanted to stop this wedding, I couldn't. I knew by the way Jinyoung looked at Hana that he loved her with all his heart, he gave her the same look I had given him all the years I had known him. I wasn't about to take away his happiness, because that's what I wanted, for him to be happy.

*Two hours later*

The wedding reception was in full swing. The happy couple had arrived, cut their cake, and had there first dance. Everything was going perfect for them. I on the other hand had managed to fuck up my dress just 10 minutes into the reception, spilling a little wine on the front of my lavender dress. But that wasn’t going to be the worse thing that was going to happen to me tonight. I dreaded what awaited for the wedding party… "It's that time," The receptions DJ said over the speaker in the reception hall, "I need everyone from the wedding party to join the bride and groom on the dance floor for the couple slow dance." Kill me…. I thought. Not only do I have to dance with Jinyoung's best guy friend, but I have to be on the dance floor with the happy couple, while pretending to be happy myself. My eyes darted to the nearest exit... Maybe if I can sneak out fast enough I don't have to… "Are you coming on the dance floor or not?" I looked up at the person talking to me. Jaebum, also known as JB, Jinyoung's best guy friend and an complete asshole if you ask me, was waiting for my answer. I set down my glass and stood up. Fine, I thought to myself. I wanted Jinyoung to be happy so I was going to push my worries aside and do this one dance… for him. JB looked almost surprised as I grabbed his hand and walked us towards the dance floor. I turned to face JB and placed my hands on his shoulder. He let out a small laugh and placed his hands lightly on my hips. Only 2 more minutes and this song will be over and you can sit down, I thought. JB cleared his throat causing me to look up at him. I will admit, JB wasn't a bad looking guy. He had very masculine features, and the look in his eyes was almost hypnotizing. But I had known of JB since Jinyoung and I had first became friends, and everything I had heard about him was a complete turn off. He was the cold hearted playboy type, how Jinyoung and him got along was beyond me. I had always made sure to steer clear of his presence in the past. "So can I ask you something?" JB said keeping his head forward avoiding my gaze. "Depends on what you want to ask." I answered. JB looked down and finally looked me in the eyes. He had a darkened expression on his face. He brought his face down close to one of my ears. "Why didn't you stop the wedding?" He said in a soft whisper. My eyes widened as I pushed him away. NO ONE knew of my feelings for Jinyoung, or how I had thought of stopping the wedding. We both stood in the middle of the dance floor starring at each other. JB was the first to move, he took a step forward and wrapped one arm around my waist, and with the other grabbed my hand opposite of his. I stood there dumbfounded, the arm of mine that wasn't being held was dangling at my side. I looked up at him. "How did you know?" I barely managed to whisper to him. A small smirk appeared on his face, "I overheard you at the rehearsals talking to yourself in the bathroom. I'm surprised you didn’t go through with it, you seemed so confident, so fearless about your decision." He looked down at me with his smirk still in tacked. "I wish you had... you would have done us both a favor." He said. To my much needed relief the song had come to an end and I had pushed JB away once more. I made my way towards the nearest exit, with JB hot on my trail...

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