Desperate Love Part 10.2

Finally, another chapter! Sorry for the late update. I've been really stressed with school starting and just been so stressed. But here is the other part for chapter 10
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Baekhyun's POV

Any confidence that Baekhyun had before faded once he knocked on your door. The confidence was replaced with nervousness. 'This is a bad idea,' he thought to himself, 'Me confessing to her is not going to make any of this better.'
But he couldn't hold it in anymore. He had to speak his mind.
He stuffs his hands in his jacket pockets, his heart beating out of his chest. He thinks about turning around and leaving; he almost turns away, but once he sees the door start to open, he knows that there's no way he can run away.
When the door opens, he sees you dressed in pajama shorts and a loose-fitting T-shirt. His worry goes away and a smile spreads across his face. "Hey," he lets out, his voice breaking a little.
"Hey," you let out shyly. Baekhyun looks at you and sadness fills his heart. He notices how your posture has changed, how your mood has changed. You looked so fragile and scared, and it saddened him. You probably didn't notice it, but he did. 'She was never like this,' he thinks, 'She was never this sad or scared.'
Baekhyun watches you step aside to let him in. He sighs and walks into the apartment. When he steps inside, he feels a small rush of anger fill him. "If Y/N is feeling sad, why isn't Chanyeol here with here. Why isn't he here to work things out with her? Why is he not here to help her?" he thinks. His thoughts make him angry. Chanyeol should be here, trying to make things work, but instead, he's out with the guys, leaving you all alone. His mouth moves before he can stop the words from flowing out, "Why isn't Chanyeol here?"

Your POV

You didn't understand why Baekhyun was here. You didn't know his motives are for coming here. You didn't think anything of it when you let him in. You thought he just wanted to talk.
But those thoughts vanished from your mind when the words, "Why isn't Chanyeol here?" came out of his mouth. You let out a loud sigh, "I don't know," you admit, "I don't know where he goes." you walk into the living room, avoiding Baekhyun's eyes.
"Why?" Baekhyun questions as he follows you into the living room. "You should know where he is."
"Why?" you ask, "So he can accuse me of spying on him again? Cause that's what he'll say if I ask." You walk over to the couch and plop down on it. Baekhyun walks over to where you are and sits next to you, "So you assume he's with us?" he asks.
"That's were he usually is," you say weakly.
"Well, he's not at the dorm." Baekhyun says.
You look up at him in confusion, "What do you mean?"
"The guys went out." he stats.
You turn your attention down to the floor. 'Why didn't he tell me that?' you think.
"Doesn't that bother you just a bit?" Baekhyun asks, interrupting your thoughts.
"Why?" you ask, "What should I be worried about?"
"Um, how about the fact that your boyfriend went out without telling you, and is out with his friends and not here with you. How about worrying about the trouble he may get into?" Baekhyun started to get angry, and you could hear it in his voice.
"I trust him," you let out,