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So they released the MV for their Song. I have listened to it a couple of times, and I must say I really like it.

In order of Appearance:

A.C.E WooSoo HeeJae 26

26 starts of rapping well. ♡ I really enjoyed his voice ♡

A.C.E decides he wants to bias me so he pops out behind 26. . . ໒( ͡ᵔ ▾ ͡ᵔ )७

Strongly rapping ♡

I would say nowhere but you can clearly see him behind 26. . .

Also the bat represented that he means business, so I have no choice but to let him bias me. ♡

Baby Maknae, HeeJae, is adorable. Throwing this out there. I think today he becomes my precious Bebe boy. I just want to feed him cookies and icecream

They switch outfits during the chorus change, which I love and their choreography is on point. It's not loud or too busy for being a debut video. Just right to leave me wanting to see them perform more ♡

Mr. Leader here, WooSoo, has a great voice. It's unique and I love it ♡

Everyone remain calm, A.C.E and I discussed things and came to an agreement that we want him to bias me. So don't be alarmed with these snaps.

~(^з^)-♡ Take my Heartu A.C.E

☆ Seldom do I have a rapper snatch me up quickly ☆

I didn't know who to tag ♡

I didn't know who to tag ♡