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Credit to the artist💙 @AimeBolanos I know you love Gale so here you go😘
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I love gale. thx. n its so cute!!!!
wait is he in heavan like he's waiting for Levy to join him????? kris is very confuzzled
@KrisTheFreak I think that Metallicana was just communicating with him while he was sleeping... Sort of like how Igneel did with Natsu sometimes...
@KrisTheFreak @PRroxx05 No it is him in heaven along with Metallicana (if you guys remember in the Tartaros Arc) The dragon had finally went to rest in peace after leaving thier dragon slayers bodies. And remember in the Alvarez Arc how we all thought Gajeel had left us... thats why Gajeel tells him he cant meet Levy for a long time (because she is still living)
@AimeBolanos thanks for clearing that up and it makes sense it's just that since Gajeel wasn't even dead for 1 chapter before he came back that I don't count him as ever being dead lol The only time he is really dead it's in the future timeline:p