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Following Kangin’s first trial for his DUI case today, the results have been revealed. The prosecution has demanded that the singer be charged with a fine for 7 million won (approximately $6,300) for driving while under the influence of alcohol. According to reports, during the trial Kangin stated, “A person whose face is known needs to be careful, so I am deeply self-reflecting. I will make sure this doesn’t happen again.” The prosecution revealed this sentence was decided upon due to having had a previous DUI case but also considering the fact that he turned himself in to the police. Previously, Kangin hit a streetlight after drinking alcohol in May. His final trial is scheduled to take place on September 7 at 10 a.m. KST.
Kangin Oppa Fighting!!! 😍
I miss Kangin oppa. I understand the time off, but I hope he comes back.
so is he or is he not in Super Junior (still)? also what has the other member's reaction been like? brave of him to turn himself in, I wonder if this is also a cry for help or if this is going to be a repeat behavior. I know translation often miss the meaning or the meaning gets lost in translation, but when he says "A person whose face is known needs to be careful, so I am deeply self-refecting..." I'm confuse about what he actually means? if he wasn't known then his actions would have been acceptable? that because he is well known that people are upset with him as oppose to being upset with him because he chose to drive drunk? I have nothing against him, just tying to clarify what he means.
@salo from what I can gather, he's on an extended hiatus from SuJu until the final trial and then decisions will be made regarding his continued support with SJ. I think he's trying to say that he should have known better than to drive drunk and he regrets it, but he is taking time because he knows people are mad, and having time will help him to decide if he thinks he should be in SJ.