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My strategist and tactician, Blank. technically it is two people but Sora without Shiro is useless and Shiro without Sora is useless and Blank is technically them combined so I'm counting them as one xP
Nothing better than bringing demons to fight demons, Shinoa will be team Captain, she has skill in bossing people around with all her sass, and she a decent fighter also she has sense of direction (unlike Zoro xD) and actually cares if innocent people die (unlike Saitama xD). Therefore Commander Shinoa.
Zoro is the right hand man second in charge and command. His loyalty is without a doubt the greatest loyalty of all time and no one is more fit for the position of right hand man than Zoro.
When in doubt destroy everything xD Saitama is the back and the emergency squad if anything goes wrong he's got it xD
Last but definitely not least xS is Recovery Girl Aka Chiyo Shuzenji. With every war or end of the world situation you always need a medical team, whether it's to save the team or innocent bystanders, it is usually necessary at some point. As much as Recovery Girls power is a dangerous it heals very fast and is very effective that's why I chose her. If I had to throw a team together I'm pretty sure I would want these guys in it, from the amazing Strategies that Blank comes up with to the girl who wields a demon possessed scythe and leads a bunch of idiots with demon possessed weapons, a three sword style monster that's supposedly human, an over powered alien, man, thing, or an old granny that kisses you which awakens and speeds up your healing ability. It's just a fun ridiculous team xD hope you enjoyed the card @LuffyNewman @DevilsSon @ChrisStephens @KurosakiJess @nimm14 @OtakuDemon10
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it was a difficult pick between zoro law for me and sasuke
Yeah I almost went with Robin over Shinoa, Luffy over Saitama, and Chopper over Recovery Girl. My original choice for Strategist was Shikamaru but than I saw a picture of Sora and Shiro which changed my mind xD @DevilsSon
This is in my To Do collection, but it's gonna take some time and pondering for me...
Korra, Nightwing,zatanna, Raven, And The Flash
You should make a card and tag me in it! That would be awesome ^^
Batman, Percy Jackson, Erza Scarlet, Sauske Uchiha, and of course Superman.