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Netizens have recently pointed out that Tiffany may not be the only SM Entertainment idol surrounded by a controversy involving Korea's Independence Day.  During EXO's 3rd solo concert 'EXO PLANET #3 – The EXO'rDIUM', several EXO members' faces were photoshopped onto historical figures from all nations and backgrounds for a unique, introductory clip. However, netizens didn't quite agree when they learned that Suho's face was photoshopped onto the portrait of Prince Lee Woo (also known as Yi Wu), a prince born into Korea's imperial family during Japan's colonial rule over Korea from 1910 - 1945. Although the photoshopped image was used for all of EXO's concerts, netizens found it inappropriate that the photo wasn't removed during EXO's show in Japan on August 14, the day before Korea's Independence Day.  Prince Lee Woo is an important figure in Korea's history due to the fact that he was forced into serving Japan's imperial army during World War II as a lieutenant colonel, and was killed during the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. Furthermore, the photo of Lee Woo they used was taken after his graduation from his military training, which Japan utilized several times to recruit Koreans into their imperial army for the war.  While EXO-L are pointing fingers toward SM and an exterior source supposedly responsible for providing the introductory clip for EXO's concert, comments toward the incident overall are negative, saying, "I learned about this just now and am reflecting on myself for not knowing", "I'm speechless", "SM is at fault for not checking it", and more.  What do you think about the controversy?
The Prince looks like Suho even without the photoshop so i don't see the problem
That's what I thought as well
I'm not even sure what to say this is it just that it was used when they were in Japan that they're complaining about. I feel like I need to know more before I really put an opinion in