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This is not my story, found it here.
POV: Reader Pairing: G-Dragon (Big Bang) x Reader Rating: PG Comments: This one took me forever; sorry about that. I restarted it five or six times, but I was never satisfied with it, so I kept deleting it. I think I found one that I find decent enough, so that’s what I’m going with! Have it before I change my mind~! I still don’t know if I for sure like it, but I think the requester waited long enough. Here’s to admitting to get some of my older requests done so I can reopen them again. 8) Summary: “Could you please do a scenario were your friends with 2NE1 and they are teasing you because you like G Dragon and he overhears? Fluff ending xD” - Anon
The loud sound of thunder boomed overhead, and you ran faster, your umbrella bobbing in your hand and barely seeming to keep the rain off of you. Ahead of you, your friend, Chaerin, slowed down, noting you weren’t keeping up. “Come on!” she said as you reached her. She hooked arms with you, and the two of you ran down the sidewalk together, practically sprinting the last few meters to the building that was your destination. It was a large home – a rented one for you to stay in during an event – with the one wall to the downstairs sitting room seemingly all glass. Bom had seen your approach and had slid the door open so the two of you could sprint in. Once inside, you sighed, closing your umbrella. You were dripping wet from head to toe, your outfit practically ruined. Another sign, one more aggravated, slipped from your lips as Bom slid the glass door shut, and took both yours and Chaerin’s umbrellas to put away. “I see your walk was a good idea,” Dara said, looking up from your magazine. You turned to look at where she laid on one of the modern couches, peering at you with a slight grin on her face. “Don’t even start with me,” you muttered, kicking your shoes off. Your socks were just as wet, but they were better than stomping around the house that wasn’t yours in your muddy shoes. Chaerin kicked her own shoes off and shot a grin at you. “I don’t know about you, but I feel like I don’t have to take a shower for a week,” she said, the grin growing. You made a face. “That’s disgusting, Chaerin,” you said, though you couldn’t stop the slight smile that appeared on your face. Chaerin laughed as she led the way to the stairwell. You followed after her, wanting to get out of your wet clothes as quickly as possible. You passed by a couple of the other members of the YGFamily who were staying at the house as they made their way down before you went into the room the two of you were sharing, shutting the door behind you. Chaerin was much faster than you, stripping off her clothes without a care and pulling out whatever she felt like. She was already dressed while you were still choosing outfits. “You’re so slow,” she said as she sat down on the edge of your bed and watched you analyze two different shirts. You only spared her a small glance. “Sorry I’m not a fashionista like you and can pick my clothes out without trying,” you replied, and you couldn’t stop the cheeky tone from entering your voice. Chaerin let out a soft laugh. The two of you chattered to each other, quietly, as you finally decided on what you wanted to wear. You began stripping out of your wet clothes, piling them up with Chaerin’s where they wouldn’t get anything wet. You had just managed to change your underwear and bra – much like Chaerin, unconcerned with your friend seeing you bare – when the door creaked open. Chaerin stopped talking; you froze. “Hey, Chaerin, Bom said you came up here…” Jiyong’s voice trailed off as he stood, frozen in the doorway with his mouth dangling open, staring at you. It was like time had frozen that way. You could feel your face turning bright red with horror. And, then, without warning, a scream burst out of you – a high-pitched scream of horror. It was like everything started moving double time. You scrambled to grab at the clothes you had left laying out. Chaerin burst forward, shouting at Jiyong to get out as he profusely apologized. And, then, much to your horror, you heard voices outside. “What’s going on?” The first voice was Taeyang’s, close enough that he was almost at your door. “Who’s screaming?” The second that followed was Seungri’s, but you were pretty sure he sounded like he was looking for something humorous. Before Chaerin could shut the door on Jiyong, Seungri and Taeyang appeared on either side of him. You could feel their eyes on your nearly bare body. You clutched your clothes to your chest, as if that would somehow cover you up more than actually putting them on. “What’s happened?” You felt relief as Bom’s voice came. She pushed past the three men who were trying – very awkwardly – to not look at you. She took one glance at you before turning to the three. “Ahem.” “We’re going,” Taeyang said immediately, grabbing Seungri by the collar and yanking him. Minzy and Dara darted into the room past Bom. Jiyong seemed to hesitate, but Bom had shut the door on him, and you couldn’t see him anymore. “You okay?” Minzy asked, approaching you. She sounded worried. You, however, weren’t worried. You were mortified. You let out a loud, aggravated sigh, flinging your clothes onto your bed as you slumped onto the floor. They didn’t seem so important anymore. “G-Dragon, Taeyang and Seungri just saw me in my underwear,” you groaned, resting your head onto your bed and closing your eyes. “Someone just shoot me.” “Well, you can frolic out there, and let T.O.P and Daesung see you too,” Minzy suggested. “Then, you’ll have the whole set.” “Not funny,” Chaerin said, pushing Minzy down onto the bed, though there was a slightly amused tone to her voice. Minzy was resisted the urge to laugh at your expense; you could just tell. “I don’t think that’s the problem,” Bom commented. You opened your eyes and turned your gaze towards her. “What do you mean…?” you asked, slowly, reaching for your clothes again. From your sitting position, you expertly pulled your skirt on without having to properly get up. As you pulled your shirt on over your head, Bom replied to you. “The problem wasn’t Taeyang or Seungri. It was G-Dragon.” You froze, one arm stuck in its sleeve. There was completely silence before the other three started laughing. “I almost forgot about that,” Dara said once she stifled her giggles. “That little girl crush you have on him.” “I don’t have a ‘little girl crush’ on Jiyong!” you snapped, though your felt your face redden again with more embarrassment. The sight only made the three laugh again. “Oh please, you’re like a lovesick puppy when you talk about him,” Chaerin teased, nudging you lightly with her foot. “You’re this sexy, sophisticated performer on stage, but he just unravels you.” “Now, he’s unraveled more of you,” Minzy added, and a whole new fit of laughter ensued. You finished pulling you shirt on and shot Bom a look. “You started this,” you accused. Bom chuckled, softly, covering her mouth with her hand. “I’m really sorry, but the two of you would be really cute together,” she replied. “So cute,” Chaerin commented before Minzy added, “The cutest.” “You guys are ridiculous,” you muttered, finally getting off the floor. You absently patted at your cheek, as if the motion would cause your blush to go down. “As if that would ever happen.” “Oh, come on,” Dara said, causing you to look at her. “It has to happen. I already have your wedding planned out.” You could only stare at her incredulously as the other girls all started laughing again. “Okay, you had your fun,” you said, taking Dara by the arm and leading her towards the door. “Now, you can all get out.” You opened the door and waved for them to go through. Dara went through, trying to stifle her giggles. Minzy went out after her, not bothering to cover up her own laughter. “But, this is my room, too,” Chaerin protested. You frowned, pointing at the door. She sighed before heading out. “Okay, fine, whatever.” “I’ll go scold the boys for their peeping,” Bom said, patting your shoulder as you passed. You, somehow, felt that wouldn’t help much, but you hoped Bom yelled at them. They had taken far too long for your liking to look away. With them gone, you sighed. You moved to your bed, flopping on it and forgetting you had left your door open. “So, you have a little girl crush on me, huh?” You shot up to a seating position and stared at the door. Jiyong had returned, leaning on the door frame. He was smiling, but there was something about his expression that was… embarrassed? Shy? You weren’t quite sure, but it was something you weren’t used to seeing. “…No?” you replied, almost hoping that he hadn’t really heard any of that. You could see his smile slightly falter. What was that about? Had he actually liked the idea that you might like him? “Jiyong, how did you hear?” “I…” he hesitated for a moment before pointing over his shoulder at the hallway, “…had stayed outside because I wanted to apologize properly to you without Chaerin getting in my face.” The smile grew into a grin. “I’m glad I did.” You could only stare at him. 'Glad that he did’? What did he mean by that? Jiyong rubbed the back of his neck, as if unsure what to say next, considering you weren’t responding to him. This was so unusual for you to see that you weren’t even sure what to say. The silence seemed to drag out until you heard a voice in the hallway – distinctly Seungri’s – call out, “Ask her out already!” There were varying sounds of him being smacked and others yelling at him. Jiyong turned, surprised. You edged slightly, trying to see what was going on. Out in the hallway, a bunch of your fellow YG members were there, apparently eavesdropping. “Oh, come on!” Seungri said, rubbing his head as if someone had whacked him there. “They’re taking forever, and I’m hungry. We needed to speed things up a bit.” “You have no tact, I swear,” Chaerin said with a sigh. She turned to look at the room, glancing from Jiyong to you. She waved her hand, airily. “Don’t mind us. Please continue.” “…I don’t know if I can continue if you’re all standing there,” Jiyong stated. There was a collective sigh from the group – so comical in nature that you couldn’t stop the smile that appeared on your face. “Okay, children, stop being nosy,” Psy said, ushering them away as if he hadn’t been standing with them, eavesdropping on the situation as well. Jiyong waited, patiently, as the group went down the stairs, some of them loudly complaining that nothing had happened. Then, he turned back to you. “I’m…sorry for listening in on your conversation with the other girls,” he said, carefully picking his words. “I’m sure you want some time alone right now after all that, but, when you’re ready, I’m going to do exactly what Seungri said.” That comment seemed to stun you a bit, and he took the opportunity to cross the distance between you and press a light kiss to your forehead. When he pulled away, you were surprised that you felt disappointed it didn’t last long. “So, I’m going to go,” he said. “But, I’ll come find you later, alright?” “Alright.” You couldn’t do much more than agree; your heart was beating too loudly that it seemed to drown out any other thought. Jiyong gave you one more long look before he disappeared out of your room, quietly closing the door as he went. You sat down, heavily, on the side of your bed, patting at your cheek again. You were blushing even harder now than you had been before. You needed to organize your thoughts that were tumbling around in your head. Only one came clearly to you. Maybe the rain wasn’t so bad, after all.
Remember this story isn't mine, just wanted to share it!!
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