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This has a trigger warning. After a few of my friends did these, I decided to join them, for they gave me the strength needed for me to do this. Growing up wasn't easy for me. I suffered a lot simply because my dad decided to cower away and left without an explanation when I was 7 years old.

Anger Issues.

I have had anger issues for as long as I can remember. I have learned to control them at times, but other moments... I throw things, punch things, and hurt others or myself. Even though I get physical, most of the time it's silent anger and I keep it to myself and vent it out in different ways.

Bipolar Disorder

I was diagnosed with this about 3 years ago. I don't believe in medicine (even though I should) so I never really took them. I felt that if I were to get better, it'd be on my own being and choices. The result? I think I'm better. No, I'm kidding. It sucks though, because I'm much more Moody than the regular human and small things can have a huge effect on me.

Severe Depression

This one, I've never liked to admit this one in front of anyone. Ever. The looks people would sometimes give me made me want to pummel them. I especially hate it when I'm treated differently just because of this. Anyways, I was diagnosed with this about 4 years ago. (I was 12) I took pills for it, but it wasn't continuous and I gave up about 4 weeks of using it. I'm doing better with this one, but I do have my moments when I just fall down.


This one is the hardest for me to admit haha. Um, well I suffered from this three years back. It was honestly very hard for me to even get up from my bed and eating was certainly not on my to do list. This year... I've been force feeding myself simply because I don't get hungry anymore and it scares me.
These are hard for me to admit. But honestly, I've come in terms with them and they make me who I am. Even if I hate them, they're a part of me and I can't change it no matter how hard I try. Thank you for reading this card. It means a lot! (:
You're awesome for opening up and sharing what you go through!! I hope this makes you stronger to fight against those daily struggles you face. Fighting~
fighting Michelle I love you
@MichelleIbarra it does. When you write out things like this, it makes you realize what it is. I put a lot of thought into the post I made and it helped me work things out in my head
Stay strong I deal with anger issues,depression,and anxiety it's tough but Hank's for sharing
I'm proud of you! I hope this helped you like it did for me. It was nice to tell someone and not feel like I was hiding it.
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