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okay I have to apologize, I started the amusement park but I just couldn't finish it, I got writers block and couldn't get out so I decided I'm just going to move on, so I'm sorry I didn't do anything with it. So moving on I have another part here for you
after goofing around at the amusement park the guys took Ari and Trinity back to their hotel. each of them had at least four stuffed animals, Ari got a panda for one as Trinity got a tiger. The next day Ari and Trinity decided that in order to go farther they needed a car, and with finally getting accustomed to the streets of Seoul they went with it. So they went and got a little Honda  car to drive. "Whose going to drive?" The lady asked them. Uh oh they had to stay composed and not like themselves. which one of them was capable of driving? which one wanted to drive? which one wasn't hound to kill them in the car. "I can" they both said at the same time. "Okay so both of you,  if you can show me your drivers license" she said. "Well if I can drive in Chicago and down town Florida I think I can handle road rages. " Ari laughed. The lady looked at her but let it slide they got the keys and went to get the car. "Now Ari no racing and no getting in an accident "Trinity stated. "And no rolling down the windows and yelling at people then trying to start fights " ari shot back before they both laughed. "So I'll be your navigator on this journey" Trinity said going for the blue Honda.  "What no I will, wait no, I'll get us lost" Ari said. "Which is why you aren't the navagator  and instead the driver besides you like to drive" she said. "So do you!" Ari shot back "Yea but not in a foreign country" she said "Fine, thankfully we have a GPS in this car" Ari finally got into the drivers seat. When they started the GPS Ari drove out of the area and input the address to the hotel. "Ari you are driving so slow!" Trinity said. "I know I'm nervous this isn't my car I'm afraid I'll get in an accident" ari said to her. She was only going 35 mph. "Your not going to. Come on break this baby in" Trinity said. "Fine, put the music on I need something else to focus on" she said. "Fine oh here we go exo" Trinity said finding it on the radio.  "So what does the GPS say? " ari questioned. "It says five miles before you turn right" Trinity said. So Ari slowly made her way there. "Ari what are you doing you can go, move over. " Trinity said when there was only one more lane to close and Ari was hesitant to move over. "I don't  like this" ari said even as she moved lanes over. Every five minutes Trinity would tell her to go faster there was people behind her and it was frustrating at first cause she wasn't sure where she really was. When they arrived Ari was happy about that and got out but Trinity stopped her. "Get back in. We're having you drive around this parking lot until your comfortable with the car" Trinity said. "I swear your driving scares me, at least you will follow directions" Trinity said. "Well yea, I'm not stupid. I won't question the GPS when it knows where we are when I don't. I just wish it would talk to me more" ari said. "Oh I would like it to have namjoons voice, oh no Suga they both have nice voices" Ari grinned "We'll get right on that. Wait do you mean to replace me with one of them or the speaker on the GPS? " Trinity questioned. Ari gave her a look. "Can I say either one?" She asked making her laugh. "No because you would replace me" she said making her laugh. "Okay okay i like your voice foe GPS" she said. " now you just want me to go around the parking lot?" She asked.  "Yes " she nodded "and don't hit another car, this isn't your car" Trinity stated "Oh please you know when you drive a car that isn't yours you tend to be a bit more careful" ari said. "Yea but if your to careful you'll end up getting in an accident by someone else hitting you" Trinity pointed out. " I hope that isn't true " she said making laps around the parking lot. She drove several laps until she was comfortable with the car. "So do we want to go out to eat? " Ari questioned "Sure " Trinity said pulling out her phone "sushi or meat?" She asked. "Hmm meat sounds good I'm feeling chicken " Ari said. Trinity looked it up and then started the GPS.  "Okay so out here go right" Trinity said. Ari followed. When they passed two lights she asked when they were turning. "It'll tell you when you need to turn but not for a while" Trinity said.  "Okay well am I turning left or right? " she asked.  ""Left in 3 miles" Trinity said. Ari drove for ten minutes before she questioned again. "Right here right here" Trinity said.  "Right? I thought you said left!" Ari said "Yes left but turn here" Trinity pointed making ari laugh as she got in the lane. "Omg bts is on the radio" Trinity squealed and turned it up. "I need you girl!" She sang a long to it Making Ari laugh "Omgod I remember the music video to this " ari said. "To I need you? Yea it was really sad,  alot of fighting happening" Trinity said.  "I don't think I've ever had a break up that made me feel that way." Ari said randomly. "I haven't either, although if I really loved deeply like that I might break down. Oh gosh I wonder if that's how those boys really are." Trinity said. "Those goofs I don't see it. But then again they like to exaggerate their feelings" ari said. "Hey when do we turn or are we almost there?" Ari asked. "Um. We missed it" Trinity said. "What? " she questioned. "How did we miss it? I've only been driving straight for five minutes" Ari added. "I think it was in that  strip we past back there, look there is lots of food places down this street let's just park somewhere and look around" Trinity said "But there was a parking lot back at that restaurant " ari whined "There's a parking lot over there " Trinity said the started directing her to get in. When she was finally parked in a spot they got out and went to search for a place to eat. " What do you think of here?" Trinity asked pointing to a shop. It looked like one of those family run placed that had lots of regular customers. "We can. " ari nodded. Inside they sat at a table and ordered meat, a little bit of everything. After ten minutes the food was served and the table was covered in food. "I want to send a picture to Kooki!  He loves meat I would make him soon jealous" Trinity said pulling out her phone and taking pictures "You should be like, wish you were here, wait nope mine this is my meat! " Ari laughed as did Trinity  she took a picture and sent it with a little caption. Not a moment after she set her phone down to dig in did her phone ring. "Omo he's calling me" she said. "Meat?" Kooki said right away. "I want meat" he said. "We're out at a restaurant " Trinity said. "Where?" He asked.  So Trinity told him and he hung up telling her not to leave. "This will be interesting" ari said. About fifteen minutes later there was a loud group that came into the place making the girls look over to see them making their way towards them. "Ari!" Jimin called out plopping down next to her, Suga sat next to Trinity and the rest of them filled in the rest of the seats. "Oh look what I have!" Jimin said pulling out a little orange tiger. "Nooooo,  you have betrayed me!" She said fake shock as she went to grab the animal but it pulled it away laughing. He teased her with it as the rest of them laughed at the pair. Kooki, Jin,  and J hope were the first to dive into the food,  meat held in both hands. They looked like a group of children. "How come you guys came so fast?" Trinity asked. "We weren't far from here to begin with, but how did you guys get here? it is far from your hotel" Jimin said. "We got a rental car. Ari drove" Trinity said. Namjoon, Tae, and Jimin burst out laughing "Im a good driver!" Ari shot out making everyone at the table laugh. "okay okay truthfully she actually is. a little slow but that's okay" Trinity said. "Better then you thought!" ari said. "And so we don't get lost Trinity is on navagation duty. but it's never an actual adventure unless we get lost once" she added. "cheers to that " Trinity said. "as long as you don't break the car. Namjoon would do that" suga pointed out. "how can you accomplish that?" Ari questioned "you really want to know?" he gave her a sly look. "Nope, no longer want to know. I feel its something really bad" Ari shivered "that's right" Suga nodded and went back to eating. "why scare her like that?" Trinity questioned looking at him. "it's fun" he stated.
okay that's all I got, it's short and somewhat based off how I hated being the navagator in a rent a car in a place I don't know it's a dangerous thing, I would so rather drive instead. my writers block isn't completely gone but it's lifting so Yey for that lol
@JaxomB ah lol sorry. I have the other story's names stuck I sry. thanks for pointing out!
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@JaxomB So am I! she's still writing that chapter out though so I was taking a chance to update other stories, kinda lol
just FYI, you used the wrong name once....said Sarah