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Hello My Faries and Otakus! (xD) I wanted to bring up a serious topic today because I am very aware that many of you here on Vingle are in High School and In College! So I wanted to make you guys a BACK TO SCHOOL card with soooome tips xD

First things first!

Make sure you have everything ready for school! You wouldn't want obstacles (like that door way for Gajeel xD) to get in the way of your awesome first day!


Study hard and Dont Text In Class! (Unless you're allowed to or you're on Vingle reading this card xP) You wouldn't want your precious phone to go Bye Bye! TuT

Join A Club or Sport!

Dont be shy this year! Join a club or a Sport this year! I promise you, you will have a crap ton of fun and find people just like you! (I was in band all 4 years of High School #NoRegrets xD) And if you just want to find Otakus just like you! Then join your Schools Anime Club! Again I promise you, you will have a crap ton of fun if not TuT I am soo sorry

Please Be Safe!

On the way back home please PLEASE be safe! I know many either go walking or take a bus (Or are super cool and have thier parents pick you up or you can already drive!) but please no matter which way you go please be safe! Walk, ride etc. with a friend (or loved one hehe) to make the journey back not only safe but more enjoyable!

And Over All HAVE FUN!

(not too much but you know what I mean xD) For the Seniors you always have time for fun but remember School and College are first! To the Sophomores & Juniors, Have fun you still have time xD and for the FRESHMAN!!! High School probably sounds harder than Middle School... it is (xD Im kidding) Honestly the way school goes is entirely up to you! Just dont slack off too much Freshman are the future and you dont want to make the future seem bad do you? Just Kidding you'll do great Freshy! xD

I hope you have a good Back To School and an Amazing School Year! If you have Questions about School or have an Issue with something about school dont be Shy I am Here for you guys! No matter what You guys can always count on me!❀

Art done by Rboz❀

Love this card \^_^/
I'm out of school but I'll just ahead and apply this tips to life thanks :3
like doesn't begin to describe my love for this card
@AimeBolanos It's fine \(≧▽≦)/ At least I has tips right meow
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