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Hey guys!!!! It's been such a long time since I did one of these and I'm so sorry! but I am back and ready to start again! A big big thank you to one of my all favorite users @kpopandkimchi for promoting girl groups on vingle and for supporting them!But now, let us begin! today's card is going to be all about catching up with all the current girl group news so I hope yall are ready!
First are the Queens of kpop, snsd. Snsd hasn't been especially active but they have been releasing new songs, which I'm so thankful for because I'm so in love with this group. First up is Taeyeon's second mini album, why. This album is really upbeat, happy and perfect for summer. My two favorite tracks have got to be Why and up & down, featuring hyoyeon. Both songs are killer and I love to rock out to them Second is girls generation's 9th year anniversary song, released through sm station. Honestly this song is so sweet and slow, I cried the first time I heard it. Not to mention the video is absolutely spectacular. I love the graphics and the soft aesthetic of the video. "Staying together, Sailing, into the night: ♡♡ my favorite line~ This song is perfect for winding down at night and relaxing. I'm so happy with this song, I have no complaints^^ And last but certainly not least, we have Yuri and Seohyun's team "debut" through sm station. They just released it this morning but it's already slaying the hearts of Sones across the world. They're sexy, strong and their dancing is flawless!! I haven't been able to stop listening to this song since I downloaded it. The music video was so cool, especially the effects they did with the car and the motorcycles! Seohyun and Yuri did absolutely spectacular and I'm really hoping to see more collabs between these two Queens of kpop
Next is the lovely girl group, Cosmic Girls!! Oh man have these girls slayed us. To start with, let's talk about a collab that was given to us by the angels. Yes yes, I'm talking about Yteen~~~ This collaboration had me screaming, thanks to the combination of my two favorite rookie groups! Y teen is a subunit comprised of Monsta X, and seven girls from Cosmic Girls. They've released one song, Do better, which is rocking my world. Unfortunately, the line distribution could've been better but nonetheless this song was great. Especially because I got to see my new otp, Exy and Jooheon (Jooxy??) perform together!! And holy shit was it lovely. What do you guys think? Did you like it? Next up is Cosmic Girls new song, Secret! First of fucking all, the music video. Oh my holy shit the fucking music video. It was so amazing, so beautiful I was dying!! The whole thing just blew my mind! It reminded me of exo in their younger days. Omg, new idea. Exo and cosmic girl subunit!!!!!! Perfect right? And let's not forget our new member~ I.O.I.'s Yeonjung will be joining cosmic girls as their new member. I for one am in love! She's so pretty~
And next, is our rap goddess, Hyunaaaa~~~ The amazing hyuna has returned with a new song, How's this? The song is vibrant, poppy, with just the right amount of rapping. it's perfect for dancing along to or for rapping along with. The chorus threw me off at first, but now I'm really into it. The music video is amazing too. What do you guys think?
Since this card is already pretty long, I'm going to make a second one to write about the rest of these amazing comebacks. But for now I'll leave you with two more lovely pieces of news~ First, Stella's comeback. Can I just say, they killed it!! Crying is one of my new favorite songs, they did so well with it! The dancing, the singing, the music video, everything was flawless. It wasn't overly sexy (not that I mind because come on, who doesn't like a sexy concept?), just cute, refreshing, and perfect for a summer party! I really hope our girls manage to win with this song.
Last of all, let us welcome and cherish, a couple to end all couples. Seolhyun of Aoa and Zico of Block B have started dating, and boy am I happy with this new couple! They reportedly starting dating in March and their labels finally confirmed their relationship this month, after dispatch released photos of them. Let's treat this couple with kindness and love, it's not easy for idol couples to stay together, especially if they have fans being rude and mean to them.
So, what do you guys think? What's your favorite comeback and what do you guys want me to report on next? Any opinions on zelo and seolhyun? Also, last question. What coed collabs do you guys want to see in the future?? Leave your answers in the comments and don't forget to like this card^^  @mrsjeon  @johnevans @vixxstarlight1 @Vkookie47 @IsoldaPazo @stefanitre @SimplyAwkward  @reyestiny93  @marisamusic @nicolefirerose
@IsoldaPazo mamamoo, got it! I'll definitely do a card on them next~
I wish Zico and seolhyun the best but I'm still not use to them they are a very awkward couple to me and very unexpected but hope they are happy together!!
yay!!! so happy you are doing these again...Definitely tag me for any mamamoo-Ness I'm so head over heels for them...I should make a card lol
sorry guys, I just realized that I didn't write the name of Girls Generation's new song! it's called 0805