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Note: *I will only be using the term waifu, but, unless I'm being specific, I'm referring to Husbandos as well*
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I've seen the question disputed on several forums, and to my surprise, the community is split fairly evenly, with most polls having 'One Waifu for Laifu', winning by a handful of votes. So I thought I'd ask the question here. Can you have more than one waifu?
I personally believe in one waifu, mine being Tomoko Kuroki.
And yes, before you ask;
AnimeFreak484 I will fight you for her.
Sure there are chraracters that I find attractive, but none of them get anywhere near waifu level.
That being said, I know people who have an army of waifus, and some who have a waifu from each show.
So can you have more than one waifu?
Discuss Below;
awesome question. i debated this is myself when i first started doing Waifu Wednesdays. @hikaymm actually helped to determine how i now define waifu. its just best girl, your favorite characters that resonate most with you. ive grown to enjoy pickinf out one per show i watch. @assasingod has another good practice, of selecting his number one waifu. i think people misconstrue the meaning a bit. its not, that your saying your into polygamy and want to just bang every anime girl, which was my reluctance in the beginning. its. liberating and discussing the characters you love. its fantasy, its fun, its all about expressing yourself. in reality im all about faithfulness and monogamy, i have no desire for multiple lovers or a lover with multuple loves. but. anime isnt reality. you can release inhibitions and want whatever you want. and it doesnt have to sully your real world reservations. i think its perfectly acceptable to have mutliple waifus and it doesnt have to lessen connection or emotion to others, nor does it have to affect real world beliefs or reservations
I think you can have as many as you want, lol, but I also use this term much more casually than some peopel I mean it i guess!! XD
@AnimeFreak484 Bring it.
I have my #1 Waifu Misaka Mikoto, who if I had to choose just one it would always be her, but I have many others and more get added to my list all the time. I guess it's just preference.