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There was recently a fire
Around the corner from the house that I
Grew up in
Everything was lost
There was nothing the family could do
They were only left with what they had with them
I am going through a fire right now
Everything that I've had since I was young
Is now burning up in flames
With my memories being turned into ashes
I have lost my family
I have lost my best friends
All I have is her
Because I take her everywhere I go
I refuse to lose her
For she is what I treasure most
If I were in the fire
She would be the mask that saves me
I am as alone as I have ever been
But even like this
I am not alone
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A few years ago I was also in the same predicament. A fire consumed everything I loved in the past. My Home of youth, my parents, my brothers and sisters, my friends, everything. And I felt Lost, Helpless and Naked. . . "It was all I loved in the PAST". . . it took time to let go but eventually my trust, my faith and my belief in the Lord revealed that there was something more to love than the Past. . . there was a whole New FUTURE to love in Jesus.