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Chapter Seven here already!
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Chapter Seven
As his manager discussed options with her, he watched, carefully trying to figure out what she thought. He realized quickly that she had a very good poker face, and her emotions didn’t play across her face like he’d expected them to. He held a breath unconsciously, watching her face carefully as the manager explained the final option, the one he’d brought up initially. When she didn’t balk at it immediately, he allowed himself the miniscule possibility to hope. Having found her curled up asleep outside in the hall, he wondered just what kind of situations she’d experienced. He couldn’t imagine how stressful it would’ve been to sit and wait for the length of time he’d been talking to his manager. He simply wanted to make sure the options were well thought through before he put them in front of her. He felt bad though, as he’d watched her stretch out, the small wince as her unused muscles stretched again.
“I’ll do it.” Her voice was a surprise to his brain, and he momentarily had nothing in his mind as he looked to her face. He couldn’t read her at all, and he wondered what exactly she was agreeing to.
“What?” He didn’t realize he’d spoken until his mind latently processed the sound of his voice, and he blinked a few times, hoping it would clear the cloud in his head. “I mean…”
He couldn’t ignore the slight smirk that appeared on her lips and he made a face, trying to gain some sort of ground on her. It didn’t help particularly as he still didn’t know fully what was going on. He turned to look at his manager, and blinked slightly as his mind fully processed what she’d said.
“Seriously?” His head whipped back, turning to look at her. “You mean it?” He couldn’t quite believe that she’d agreed to it. It was almost as thought he was allowing himself to wish so hard that she’d agreed. Instead, here he was, putting a whole load of stressful situations on a girl he’d only met for a moment, a mere millisecond in the length of his life. He knew though, that as much worry was there in his mind, he’d been a little bit excited at the thought of getting to know her better. There was so much about her that confused him. He hated admitting it, but it was part of why he didn’t like dating other celebrities. Everything about them was already public knowledge.
She had nodded resolutely in response to his question and he let out the breath he’d been holding. His head bobbed slowly and he turned to look at his manager.
“So, what next?” Now that she’d agreed, there were many different things to go over. How many dates, formal appearances, and personal appearances, interviews, and then they’d have to figure out their story. How they met, how things would progress, and Siwon though sadly, how they’d end things, and what kind of recompense would be dispersed when. He thought, that she deserved something in return. He knew the crazy things fans were capable of, and though he didn’t really know her well, she didn’t seem like the kind of person who would deserve to have their entire personal history dug up and plastered on the internet.
“The numbers, I should think, and your story. I’m going to need to know everything about you miss. To circumvent any potential scandals.” His manager looked seriously at the young woman beside him. Siwon knew this was true, but it didn’t make hearing it said aloud any easier.
“Leave the story to us….” His voice didn’t sound like his own. “We can go to a supermarket, get food there, count it as an appearance, and then go back to my place.” He hadn’t mentioned that they were living in the same building yet. “We’ll have a late dinner and discuss.” There were lots of things they had to discuss, and he knew neither of them had eaten since the sandwiches earlier. “In fact….” He stood, leaning over to pull an extra sheet of paper from the pad his manager had been scrawling notes on since they arrived. He pulled a pen from the cup on the desk and thinking for a moment, wrote a basic agreement on the paper. She agreed to contractually dating Choi Siwon, full agreement dependent on details to be discussed upon their meeting the next morning. He signed his name across the bottom, and turned to her, offering the pen and paper. She looked up at him, meeting his eyes and then carefully pulled the agreement towards herself. He watched as her eyes traced the words on the paper. He could see her shoulders rise as she took a breath, and signed. Passing the paper back to his manager, he gestured to it. “That should be good enough for tonight. I’ll bring her back over first thing in the morning to discuss details.” He turned then, reached down and grasped her hand, helping her up and out of the chair, and out the office door, not waiting for a response. This evening had been full of stress and adventure for both of them, and he was sick of sitting around worrying about what they’d do. They descended the stairs, and he put an arm around her, ducking his head into his coat.
More people had gathered outside, and he was instantly glad he’d told the driver to wait as they made their way through the crowd and into the car. From there they left and stopped at a grocer Siwon had visited earlier that week. He took her hand in his and they went in, trying to hide themselves as much as possible before entering, and managed to find what they needed, and check out without much ado. As they returned to the car, Siwon got a notification on his phone. He helped her into the car, and followed her in, pulling his phone from his pocket and staring at the words on the screen. It was a text, simply we need to talk and he knew almost immediately that his leader had seen the picture on the internet somewhere. He opened naever on his phone. He knew what he would find, but he was still amazed by the internet. The top search was already Choi Siwon Girlfriend? He sighed, shaking his head as he tapped the search, finding the picture at every news page he looked at. He silently worried about what it would take to make things safe for her when they did break up. He hated to think that something terrible might happen in sasaengs thought she’d broken his heart.
Siwon knew the crowd around his apartment would be large, but he was blown away as they drove near. He moved up towards the driver, whispering and gesturing to the back. They’d have to avoid the front entrance for the next few days. The driver went around, entering the basement parking garage, knowing the car had the security pass on the window to gain entrance to the gate. Siwon figured that none of his neighbors were reporters, even though he’d been wrong about that once before. It’s what had caused the management of the building to start doing the interviews and background checks of tenants. He felt secure in the decision to enter the building this way. They pulled up to where the elevator entrance was, and he helped her out of the car, grabbing the bags, and shaking his head to the driver. They needed to try to be slightly inconspicuous and having a driver help them up to their room would help them to remain anonymous. He thanked the PD, and pressed the elevator button, taking a moment to try and assess her emotions once again while they waited for the doors to open. She seemed to be collected, but he figured that that was simply because she wasn’t displaying any emotion at all, which worried him a bit. It wasn’t something he was used to seeing and he wanted to make sure that everything was alright. He took a cautious breath, and turned to her.
“I know things have been a little crazy… how are you doing?”
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Yay!! An update...I missed this story!😊 Can't wait to see how she feels about the whole contract fake dating thing.