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Day 2 YeBum Scavenger Hunt Super Junior (Quotes)
Quote by Super Juniors Kim Kibum
Quote by one of Super Juniors Angelic Voices Kim Yesung (And my UB by the way hehe his fighting with Wookie for that spot lol)
Bonus quotes by our handsome men 😘😘😘😘😘
Hope you guys enjoy I'm having so much fun doing these 😊😊😊 Tagging our amazing ELF Reps @GamerKyumin @KokoroNoTakara @twistedPuppy @KpopLifeu @Kpossible4250
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I got you :) And I'm so happy that you're having fun! I love the quotes! :)
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Yay :) Yes it's really fun I also love the quotes there are just so many not just from the members but also ELFs and I love them all 😊😊
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