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Alright, if you haven't watched the video yet then your life is bound to be changed. First off I'd like to talk about all the so called "issues" people are having with the MV. So some people aren't realizing that this is Chaelin's AMERICAN debut. OFCOURSE it is it the style most kpop stand are used to. Also, people are having problems with the use of "typical black people" stereotypes used in American Hip-Hop videos with the smoking and drinking. NEWS FLASH THAT HAS ALWAYS BEEN IN HIP HOP MUSIC VIDEOS AND IT WILL NEVER CHANGE. This track was to target the American music market whereas the song is laid back & has a catchy hook to sing along too. So if you don't typically like these styles of songs, alright that's perfectly fine but to bash Chaelin & say "she's being fake" is a little over the top. Just admit you don't really like the song or MV and move on. Making hate comments really make me angry toward any artist.
Also, if you are a fan of 2ne1 supporting CL's American debut determines whether 2ne1 will have a comeback after she has a success in the states. So please try to get people to at listen to it or even buy it on iTunes & hopefully they will buy her album as well. I'm not forcing anyone to do these things so don't try to come at me.