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It's been a long time, and I'm sad that it has ended. But at the same time I feel like Tite Kubo has something up his sleeve. I want more but I am satisfied with the ending. I'm gonna miss all these lovable characters. I definitely want to reread Bleach starting from the manga cause I became a fan of bleach by the anime, it will be so fun!! :)
@MissHitachiin I was also upset about how it ended I felt like they didn't give enough details on ichigo new powers and the fight was just blah and I was kinda thinking ichigo was gonna stay in Soul Society for becoming to powerful but I guess not i was actually rooting for ichigo and rukia
so freaking pissed how it ended..
the last page of the manga made me think that there will most likely be a series that focuses on the kids
this arc has been going on for 2 years and the ending was too rushed.. like you said, didn't see enough of Ichigo's new powers and I thought it would end in soul society with Ichigo becoming a captain and him and Rukia finally getting together.. im happy for renji cuz he always has loved Rukia but I've been rooting for Rukia and Ichigo since day one. :( @brnsime69
i doubt theres another series to focus on the kids.... they couldnt even bring the anime back but they can make a live action film... im seriously so mad that im in tears.. :(
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