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I've been a little busy recently & have fell behind in just about everything. Not sure if there was a theme for this week, but here are a couple Waifus that I haven't posted in a while.

Miliana - Fairy Tail

Wakana Ui - My Wife is Student Council President/ Okusama ga Seitokaichou

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Sena Kashiwazaki is called "cow tits" several time in the series....
a year ago·Reply
@Colonellinguis isn't she normally called meat tho
a year ago·Reply
@Flare4522. yes, but a couple times she's called that. nay depend on your dub/ sub version tho
a year ago·Reply
Also Konoha Muramasa from C3 is called 'cow boobs' in the series.
a year ago·Reply
And there's Melody of Oblivion, which has actual cow girls.... watch if brave
a year ago·Reply