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I seen @nimm14 post this and instantly wanted to do it! Even though I had to wait all day, here it finally is!
Sakamoto-kun!!! He can do anything! He will be the captain of this team because he can do anything! Lol
Saitama! With the power to easily back him up why wouldn't I chose this man to be on the team! Raw power/destroyer!
Lelouch Vi Britannia! Of course we need brains and someone who can easily gather info, and who better than this man who has taken over/saved one world already! The power to control others will come in handy! Reconnaissance/tactical support
Tatsuya Shiba! Did you just lose an arm or maybe you were just killed? No problem! This man will make you good as new within seconds, and he has military experience! Healer/solider
The Villian in Glasses, Shiroe! You want to save a world where you have no influence to start and need someone strictly for overcoming a dire situation!? This is the perfect man for the job. Tactician!
Honorable mentions/back ups: Vegito! from DBZ Mob from Mob Psycho 100 Vash the Stampede from Trigun These things are fun! Make one yourself and join in on the fun! Tagging a couple who come to mind! @hikaymm @otakudemon10 @AimeBolanos @biancadanica98
oh this sounds fun, this is a difficult answer. I'll make a card when I have time. Maybe this weekend.
oh man okay i'll get on this XD
nice team xD
thanks! my captain is the best! :D