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Que tal peeps!

This is Jessamine aka @amobts bringing you some weekly Korean skincare information. As you know South Korea is bringing home the bacon with skincare. Korean skincare is an international trend. For those who are new to Korean skincare you may want to get flawless skin but have seen that there are so many steps to the Korean skincare routine. There are really 7 steps. You can check out our card "Morning Skincare Routine" in our Korean Fashion, Beauty, and Skincare collection. Below are the & steps. 1. Cleanser 2. Toner 3. Eye Creme 4. Serum 5. Essence 6. Moisturizer 7. SPF Many people mat not have time for that, so I found a video that has reduced the Korean skincare routine to 5 simple steps.

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Writer Jessamine aka @amobts

The 5 Pillars of Korean Beauty

This video was made by ipsy. ispy is a great affordale way to try a variety of beauty products. They were selling these products in a kit but it is sold out. I am super bummed, because it was a nice price. In this video IAMKARENO presents a few Korean skincare products that ipsy is currently carrying. She also teaches you the 5 step Korean skincare routine. Link: As I said the cheap set is sold out but ipsy is offering some cool deals. Get 30% off Bonvivant and Nooni products at using offer code BONIPSY30 at checkout.*Offer valid until 9/30/16. Discount code is case sensitive.Get 30% off SOO AE products at and enter offer code IPSYSOOAE at checkout.*Offer valid until 8/31/16. Offer valid in US only. Cannot be combined with any other offers. One time use only. Cannot be applied to a previous purchase.Get a free gift with Dr.G purchase of $55+ at and enter offer code drgxipster at checkout.*Valid thru 10/30/16. Offer valid in US and Canada only. Offer code is not case-sensitive. Cannot be combined with any other offers. One time use only. Until supplies last. 1 free gift with purchase of $55+.

Products Featured

belif Aquabomb

Price: $38.00 Information "Aqua Bomb is an ultralightweight, mineral oil-free gel-cream that instantly cools and refreshes skin while providing intensive hydration. This formula contains a blend of apothecary herbs, including antioxidant-rich lady's mantle, which helps neutralize skin-damaging free radicals, improves skin elasticity, and minimizes the appearances of pores. This refreshing cream is formulated to 'burst' when applied, releasing a flood of weightless moisture onto skin, and then absorb completely for a healthy, smooth, supple appearance" (Source).

Nooni Root Energy Cleansing Water

Price: $17.00 Information "Nooni root energy cleansing water’s unique formula includes lotus roots, beet roots, and fig roots. It removes impurities and makeup without irritation while providing natural deep moisturizing benefits that also revitalize and brighten. It really is a magical product that will remove, cleanse, tone, and moisturize all at once" (Source)!

Dr.G Brightening Peeling Gel

Price: $28.00 Information "This peeling gel is a mild exfoliator that removes dead skin cells from the skin without irritation. Infused with willow extract, phyto oligo and persimmon extract, this peeling gel has gentle natural ingredients that peels off dead skin which frees the skin from roughness and trouble. It also moisturizes and nourishes the skin to ensure that new skin cell regeneration would process properly. It also tightens pores to give your skin a smooth, flawless look" (Source).

Soo Ae Nature Collagen Essence Sheet Masks

Price: $3.00 per pk Information Good for all skin types and feature a variety of masks. Aloe – Nourishing Hydration Propolis – Lifting & Radiance Collagen – Firming and Elasticity Tea Tree – Soothing Hydration Potato – Restore Suppleness Brightening – Lustrous Radiance Vitamin – Pure Brightening Coenzyme Q10 – Rejuvenate and Firm Deep Sea Water - Calming Hydration Red Ginseng – Refining Moisture (Source) Please visit the source for in depth details.

Bonvivant Mellow Clay Mask Mint Tea Tree

Price: $14.00 Information "Bonvivant Mellow Clay Mask is a line of next-level jelly clay masks specially crafted to gently cleanse pores, hydrate skin, and brighten the complexion. The Mint Tea Tree mask treats troubled and oily skin, removing dead skin cells and absorbing excess sebum with its Tea Tree Oil. It also tightens enlarged pores and cools skin with a refreshing sensation, leaving you shining radiantly in a non-greasy way. Stay dewy without crossing over to oily! There's a fine line between the two, and this Mint Tea Tree clay mask is how we stay on the bright side" (Source).