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Here's my Hyundai Veloster purchased in May. Here's my review. The Hyundai Veloster is sporty, comfortable and fuel efficient (40 mpg average). I like the versatility of listening to XM Satellite Radio, FM, Pandora and Google Play audio (mobile phone music library). The unique color (26.2 yellow) makes this car easy to find in parking lot. I am also easily seen on the road! It would be a poor excuse if someone ran into me and claimed "Sorry Officer, I didn't see that car". The dual clutch transmission is a new concept to me, but switching to manual helps when you need to move quicker off of a stop light. For some the transmission may be a little sluggish, because it's a 1.6 L engine, so if you want sport AND speed, go for the turbo. I believe the steering wheel is a little small, and I prefer the larger size steering comfort. In my lifetime, I have owned a Ford Tempo, Ford Focus ZX3, a Kia Rio and an Isuzu Amigo. This Hyundai Veloster has been the most fun to drive of all of my vehicles, and I like that it is fuel efficient and sporty. I believe that most manufacturers tend to think that fuel efficiency means that they need to make a boring car. I would rate the Hyundai Veloster an 8 out of 10.
Glad to read about a real car and not a dream car. More of this 👏
Averages about $18,500, I think turbo is about $22-$24k