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From London to Korea Pt 3

Part 3 is ready for you guys to enjoy! Hope y'all like it!

I had woken up on my flight, but never opened my homework. I ate, since it was a 16+ hour flight, and checked my music. I ran through some questions they told me to prepare for, and ate some more.
Eventually the plane landed, and I had to look for the baggage claim. I've been studying Hangul for a few years, but it wasn't good as I would hope for. My life is so busy that any free time is spent sleeping.
I got off and began to look for baggage claim, but before I could, someone caught my attention.
“Caroline Summers?” Said a man with a thick accent. He was standing among family members while waiting for their loved ones holding a sign with my name on it. He was dressed in a suit, and I was weary.
He spotted me, probably because I looked nervous and was a foreigner.
“Caroline Summers?” He repeated, looking for me to verification.
“Yes, that's me.” I replied with hesitation.
“Perfect. I've been waiting for your flight to land. I'm Sul Jung Nam, with TS. I'm here to pick you up and bring you to your boarding room.”
We navigated our way through the airport, relying on Jung Nam the entire time to be in the right places. It took a while to get my small suitcase. But after we did, it took no time getting out and into the car TS provided for me, since I was one of the few foreigners that was going to be in this round of auditions.
Throughout the car ride, Jung Nam kept asking me questions, mainly about my abilities and how familiar I was with the Korean culture. I responded with small and simple answers, trying to be careful about how much I shared, because I wasn’t sure if he would be part of the judging panel for auditions.
Jung Nam had asked me what sports I had done, because I looked very athletic. I had only done a few years of volleyball, danced for as long as I can remember, marching band, gymnastics for a little less than dance, and went for a run once a week. Yeah, I like to keep busy.
The next question was about my musical abilities. That one made me think because I had tried out for my high school choir, but didn’t make it, leaving me to sing whenever I could. I had told him I sang in the school choirs, but left out the part about me not making my school choir. He also asked about band, to which I said I play a good amount of instruments. Not well, but well enough to play the basics.
Jung Nam continued, with asking me about my grades. They’re decent, not anywhere near where I want them to be. In most people’s eyes, my grades are amazing, but my family has such high expectations so my grades are poor in my eyes.
This continued, but I began to gloss over with my answers, eager to see TS and where I would be staying for a few days.
We got closer, and I knew because there were so many cameras around and I even saw B.A.P walking around! Everything became super real, just like that.
I kept staring at the building where my life could possibly change, and the car had stopped.
“Caroline? Are you in there?” Jung Nam had looked at me, and probably noticed my wonder-struck eyes.
“Huh? Oh, yeah. Are we here already?” I was confused, because I had thought I wouldn’t see the building from my room, but that was way off.
“Yes, we are. Did you think it would be further away?”
“Kind of, but I can see why distance is so important.”
“If you were far away, you wouldn’t be able to access the practice rooms easier than the other wannabes, or be able to contact our coaches. I have a good feeling about you.”
That last sentence had sent my mind racing, wondering if I had said too many things.
Jung Nam chuckled, seeing my expression. Apparently I didn’t hide it as well as I thought.
“I have a good feeling about you, because you seem like the girl who would throw herself into whatever she does. So I pulled some strings to move you closer, and got a guard to stay close by, incase you need him.” There was an unspoken thought hanging in the air. Yeah, in case I need it because I’m a foreigner.
All nerves aside, this actually was really kind of him to do, because I want this so bad! I want to be able to become an Idol, and being this close to the coaches and studios will be so helpful!
“Thank you so much Oppa, for allowing me this opportunity.”
“It was my pleasure, Carrie. Just prove me right in this decision.”
“I won’t sir, you can count on that.”
After the exchange, he left me to my own devices, and I went to grab a snack and a shower, trying to get the nasty feeling from the plane off my skin. Afterwards, it was dark, so I decided to try to fall asleep so I could be on top of my game tomorrow.
It took a while, because all kinds of thoughts were running around in my head. What if I do prove Jung Nam wrong? What if I pull a muscle tomorrow? What if I don’t pick up on the choreography quickly enough? What if all of these things? I eventually took a sleeping pill, even though I told myself I wouldn’t, but I needed to. I also pulled out my math homework, knowing that would help me fall asleep, because math was such a boring subject for me. And sure enough, I fell asleep face down in my book, staring at the quadratic equation.
Hope you liked it? Any thoughts where it may go?
Love you guys! ~Elayne
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