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This is not an attack on CL. This is not an attack on CL. This is not an attack on CL.

Now that that is out of the way, I have a small problem with her new music video, Lifted.
YG has consistently gotten in trouble for their Black cultural appropriation, and while each time is important to discuss, I want to argue that this music video is especially important.
Black people are soooo often used as ACCESSORIES to legitimize people's music (especially in the hip hop or rap genre) so YG using only Black people in CL's MV is a little....racist.

Now before anyone gets angry let me explain:

In Korea, and in many many other parts of the world, Black people are directly associated with hip hop and rap (which makes sense, the Black community created it, they should have full claim over that style of art!)
BUUUUT it gets to the point where when Black people travel to foreign places they are expected to know how to rap, to speak in a certain "rapper" way (see Rap Mon's "Black person accent"), and fit into all of these stereotypes. Especially in Korea.
In Kpop and Korean entertainment in general, unfortunately this is a common thing, but in American culture it is looked down upon and that is why THIS music video is so important.
Now, CL and YG are trying to break into the AMERICAN market with CL being a rapper/hip hop artist.
In her music video for Lifted, she only shows Black people. This is what I'm thinking the company is doing:

To make her seem like a legitimate hip hop artist. If Black people like her, then she has to be good, right?!

CL said HERSELF that she wants to use her debut in America to shatter the stereotype that all Asian women as meek and silent and submissive.
She wants to be a strong Asian woman, inspiring other strong Asian women.


I'm not asking for less Black people, I'm not asking for more whites, or Latinos, or Asians.

All I wonder is, with CL's main goal being to smash stereotypes, why does YG consistently play up the Black stereotype? Why couldn't they have had badass men and women from Asia, from Latin America?

It's just something that stood out SO blatantly to me during the video.

I'd also love to see the casting call for those models in the video because I guaranteeeeee that it specifically said the dancers/models had to be Black.
Again, not bashing CL, I'm just pointing out something that rubbed me the wrong way in her video and I was wondering if anyone else noticed/was bothered.

I'm up for discussion, not fighting please^^

You can watch the video below and please let me know what you think!
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See my issue with it was the double standard came into play for me. There were so many hating on Hyuna's latest come back for her sexual vibe, yet CL was oozing it in just as little clothing.
Yeah I feel bad that hyuna is always shamed for her dancing :(
im white and i wont lie i felt kinda left out how there were no white people in it at all like they dont associate us with that style of music at all...and tbh i think that type of music is my fav to jam to..... like badass music with awesome rapping.. but i love the song but yeh i agree all black people in the mv is a bit over done...again not hating
I agree. they do lean a little in one particular direction racially, and over all I think it might actually end up working against her in the long run. it seems like you is trying to associate a single person (her) with a scene that it not generally stereotypical of an Asian woman instead of trying to promote the idea that personality traits shouldn't and don't come pre-packaged and bundled with other traits. instead of trying to say "everyone is different and that's okay" they're focusing on her and saying "she's gangsta" without really paying attention to what that type of statement means for other nationalities that Andre being exposed to it. now, she is their main priority, so I can understand their focus on getting their point across about her not fitting the norm, but they neglected to consider the fact that a statement loses value when it is only beneficial to oneself and less meaningfull to others
(I apologize for all of the typos and errors in my last statement. my new phones keyboard is a lot different than my old ones)
i watched it again...i saw some white people