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So for today I have only been listening to Gdragon music. Just a few of mg favorite songs are listed below. I love his solo work!!

GD '미치 Go'

Probably in my top 3 favorite songs by GD. It's full of hype and the MV is just totally him lol

GD feat. Zion T, Boys Noise 'I Love It'

This song is just plain addicting. Zion.T's voice went well with GD so it was a complete success.

GD 'Who You'

Do I even need an explanation for this song. On top of it being good, it was made just for the fans. Amazing song and MV!!

GD "Coup d'etat"

My first Gdragon MV that I watched. Literally got me into Big Bang! Love this song so much

GD 'One of A Kind'

The beat!! The MV. His hair? Just everything was so good

GD feat. Missy Elliot 'Niliria'

GD plus Missy Elliot just equals a great time and that's exactly what happen. This song was on repeat for a whole week. So good. Love them both.
There are so many songs that I could be mention, but hey I'm lazy

Comment Your Favorite GD song(s)!!!

omg where do I start....One year Station, One of A Kind, Only Look at me Pt.2, Shake The world, This Love, I cheated, Tree Frog, Gossip Man❤❤❤ I literally love everything lol 😍😍
Omggg sooooo Beautifulllll 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖