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Though there are a lot of live performances I really like, I narrowed it down to 2. And no, I didn't chose the one where poor MinHyuk rips his pants so everyone sees his red underwear. I won't say that it didn't enter my mind, because that performance did make me laugh. I felt bad for MinHyuk, but what makes that performance even funnier today is there was a one year anniversary celebration for him ripping his pants. He's a good sport, so hopefully that celebration didn't bother him too much.
The first performance that I chose was KCon New York back in June. It wasn't an exceptionally good performance, as there were noticeable errors. That really didn't matter much to me, because I got to see BTOB perform LIVE. Unless they do a world tour, this may have been my one and only chance to see them live. I drove my daughter almost 1000 miles, through 6 or 7 states, just to attend KCon and see BTOB perform. The quality of the video isn't the best, but it's what I could get....sorry.
I know I really haven't said much about KCon New York, but the trip is still too fresh. I know I will look back at it fondly and maybe even laugh.....just NOT YET. One quick note though, if your hotel has 2 inch thick bullet proof glass on everything, you probably shouldn't stay there.
The second performance that I just love is from Show Music Core back in April. There was a special stage where Mamamoo and BTOB switched songs. BTOB performed Mamamoo's Your the Best, while Mamamoo performed It's Okay. The boys look so cute in their checkered blue outfits, though it does remind me of wearing table cloths. This isn't a funny performance, like them becoming Red Carpet and performing Dumb, Dumb. BTOB sounds amazing, and I am hoping that they perform this song again. It is also so true that MinHyuk and MoonByul could be brother and sister, as they look a lot a like.
I just want to mention that I love all their performance of The Winter's Tale, because I love all their different costumes. They are just too adorable. These first 7 cards are getting difficult, because I really don't want to keep going over the same things. I want to try and show something new each card.
The checkered outfits definitely remind me of a picnic or of an old timey ice cream man, especially the members wearing bow ties. They did a great job though. I love it. And I am also a little envious you got to see these kids perform live. I know it was awesome and I'm happy you got the chance. You're a great mom for doing this with your daughter. #momgoals
It really was a once in a lifetime experience. Trust me, a lot went wrong on this trip. Angela was lucky enough to do the high touch with BTOB....she was all giddy because instead of the High Five, MinHyuk actually grabbed her hand and held it. He probably hadn't noticed the back of her BTOB shirt had Changsub's name on it though. It was definitely one of the highlights for her.
I see how Moonbyul and Minhyuk could be siblings like woah. And table clothes is so true! I see it! I would love to see mamamoo and btob live. You got that pleasure. So happy for you for seeing them
I'm not a big girl group person, but Mamamoo's performance at KCon is one of the best. They had a special stage with Day 6 that was amazing. It was also probably a once in a lifetime thing....